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    Batteries (18650)

    None of the ****fires are up to spec. Found 12 3.7v 18650 (Brand: Panasonic) at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping The Panasonics will be your best bet. They will be on spec as well. Also fasttech>dx imo. You'll get your stuff within 1-2 weeks normally vs 3-5 weeks.
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    18650 vs. 16340?

    Standard li-ion cells can discharge safely at 2c. So a modern 18650 (3400mah cells) are around 3200mah. They can safely put out 6amps. Where as a single 16340 can only discharge at around 1amp. So this isn't exactly the case. IMR's can be safely discharged at 5c. In this case a 16340 can handle...
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    Let's talk low powered lasers that are safe for pets

    https://www.atlasnova.com/RedLaserPointer635nm.htm These are also very good, have a couple and have had them for years still in perfect condition. Smaller than the laserglow ones as well. They all test around 3.5-4mW I wouldn't bother with anything other than red or green. 5mW of 405 is hard...
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    Vulcan Geek Week Video

    Super Intense Laser - Backstage Science - YouTube Enjoy
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    power needed to light wire sparklers?

    Takes 3 watts to light one of the 3 foot long 1/4 inch thick sparklers. I haven't tried the small ones.
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    A Fine pair of 16340 batteries.

    Def go IMR then as well otherwise you will get poor battery life and destroy the cells quickly.
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    A Fine pair of 16340 batteries.

    What current draw will they be experiencing? For the most part 16340's are ruled by AW. Over an amp of current you will want to use IMR's The nightcore and xtar 16340s aren't to bad however.
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    Why are most 445nm all 1W+?

    Because 445 diodes cost a lot more to get hold of.
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    What do you drink ??

    Craft beers. Picture of 1/2 of the keg room of a local bar. Favorite go to beers are probably Dog Fish Head 60 minute and Sierra Nevada IPA.
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    CLOSED: Taking payments ROUND 3!: THE "Skylaser" (laserBtB) groupbuy!

    I retested and got 490, I think because in my haste I tested them right when I brought them in out of 95 degree weather is the reason it was lower. The flashes tested the same. I will also say that because the battery tubes on the flash pointer if you shake the laser it will turn off because...
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    CLOSED: Taking payments ROUND 3!: THE "Skylaser" (laserBtB) groupbuy!

    Yea I wasn't expecting them for another week or so lol. These flash pointers are pretty sweet as well. Big thanks to you offroad and kevin as well!
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    CLOSED: Taking payments ROUND 3!: THE "Skylaser" (laserBtB) groupbuy!

    My lasers arrived last night, and they are pretty nice! The HL532 300mw metered 338 peak The flash 50mw 532 metered 83 peak and the flash 638 20mw metered 23 peak The flashes were on eneloops and the HL532 on an AW IMR 16340. It can't fit 18350's This is on a bluefan tec lpm. When/If I get...
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    First time buying laser!

    Lazeerer is not lazerer 2 different people.
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    what kind of diode is this?

    Can't see the pictures like FP said. But it sounds like you took it out of a laptop or slim disk drive?
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    Win a WL Spyder Arctic 1W!

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    Inquiries regarding 405nm laser

    Check out laserbtb, great stuff and very reasonable pricing.
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    Win a WL Spyder Arctic 1W!

    Liked and commented! Good luck!!!
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    Scumbag police in usa kill dog

    Cops in this country are out of control, I know the police Chief and one of the Detectives in Paterson NJ. They say they lose 2-3 cops that either go to prison or are removed from duty because of some type of "power hungry" action they commit. I value animals more than I do most humans. And as...