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    Laser pointer beam trapping

    I WAS THINKING OF A COOL IDEA 8-) Lets say you have two mirrors that are perfectly parralel to each other and facing eachother like this: | | -----(=====) the (=====) is a laser pointer with a beam going towards the two mirrors at a perfectly straight line and in the middle...
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    What do you guys think of http://biglasers.com? Have any of you tried their products? They seem to have a large selection of lasers to choose from compared to other sites.
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    The yellow lasers look awesome. Are there any laser pointers with a wavelength slightly closer to orange? I'd get the 2mW yellow from LASERGLOW but it's too expensive for my budget. Maybe the prices will drop in a year or two.
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    Found the site from google. I'd love an orange laser to support my favorite NFL team, the bengals. Their colors are orange and black! I don't think there are any orange lasers, though :(
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    Site looks great

    Hey, I found this site from searching google. I like the colors a lot. I don't own a high powered laser yet but I'm hoping to get one for Christmas.