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    FREE STUFF - 4 lasers boxes

    About how much would shipping be in the continental US?
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    Problems with Diode Soldering

    Lol Senkat I saw that right after I posted oops... ::)
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    Problems with Diode Soldering

    How exactly do I get my diode into the Aixiz? I can't findn where it is described. I just don't want to screw it up.
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    River Rock

    How long is too long to boil it? I am thinking about 5 minutes or more. then using some hot pads to twist the hell out of it. I'll do that tomorrow.
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    River Rock

    Can you give me a list of the methods again? Also I might not be twisting in exactly the right place. I just want to run through it all again.
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    River Rock

    There are pictures of it in this topic: http://www.laserpointerforums.com/forums/YaBB.pl?num=1186723976 That is the finished one though that Greenie made.
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    River Rock

    How do I take this apart? I have tried out basically everything. I've bioled it many times, used a vice and everything you can think of including the vice method. My River Rock is all scratched up everywhere now and I just have no idea where to go!
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    My DIY Red

    So the driver circuit will fit within the Aixiz module? This seems easy enough h though.
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    Connecting LD without solder

    I have a 15watt RS one. This ought to work right with some typical rosin core solder?
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    3 motor spiro now with movie that works:)

    Okay I won't take apart my cd burner. I'll go look and see. ;)
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    3 motor spiro now with movie that works:)

    Thats a great tutorial I just need to get some pots, some motors and the battery holders, plus the mirrors and I am good to go! I have an old cd burner, can I get a good spinner out of that? Also where should I get the other 2(or maybe 3) motors from?
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    mini dorcy

    Damn! I hope my RR mod is that powerful!
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    3 motor spiro now with movie that works:)

    Nice stuff there! I just have to find the parts and figure out how the heck I'm going to get it all wired up! ;D
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    help me!!! i(dx 26.00 50mw)

    Apparently not, besides this is a 2 minute fix.
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    Basic Spirograph

    Oh okay if they have cheap ones like that then that will work. Also Senkat I'd rather find the parts myself for cheaper.
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    Power of 10?

    Well the suryevs/offers are different from that site and I just wanted to know and I was also saying that it is easy and possible to win stuff from the internet.
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    *Possible* Cheap Pre-built LD Driver!

    It can draw more though if you push it. I am pretty sure.
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    200mW laser show, twin scanner

    How are you producing such great results all built ones liek this I see only project lines on the wall, you have some great stuff here. Especially the tunnel and the spiral type thing on the last one.
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    Basic Spirograph

    Good information above. Should be relatively easy to do. A few more pics of how you have the circuit board set up would be great though, I will probably just use wires though, I just am not sure how.
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    Wait won't that cause a short circuit if you put the cap with both wires on the diodes legs?