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  1. peteschlabar

    Custom guide rod laser

    Can anyone make a custom guide rod laser in 532nm or 445nm(yes i know green would be ideal for brightness, dpss might not fit, and blue would be cooler) similar to the one seen here: Lasermax Guide Rod Laser ? And, if this is possible, what would be a guesstimated cost? :thinking:
  2. peteschlabar

    JetBeam RRT21 vs Klarus XT11

    I am in the market for a new torch. I have looked at countless models/types, and have narrowed my liking down to these: JetBeam RRT21 or Klarus XT11 I can't decide which one to go with. I really like the infinitely variable dial on the RRT21, but also like the quick switch option on the XT11...
  3. peteschlabar

    445nm 50mw diode

    Does anyone in the US stock the 50-80mw blue single mode diode? If not, I may do so to make shipping quicker for folks on here, if there is enough of a demand for them. Thoughts?
  4. peteschlabar

    WTB: 445nm 5mw

    I am looking for a 445nm pointer with only 5mw of power, preferably waterproof. Thanks!
  5. peteschlabar

    Hello from Kentucky

    Hi all, I'm new here, been lurking around for a while, finally decided to create an account. I'm mostly new to lasers, although I've owned a cheap green 5mw since they first started making them (purchased around 2004-2006 - dont remember). I guess its 532nm, but i dont know. Its a DPSS...