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    What happened to the quick reply box?

    Just as the title says. It was there this morning but now you have to click on "reply" to respond on a thread. Is everyone else aware of this or have I gone mad? ::)
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    AVI or MPEG to GIF

    Hey guys, I'm trying to make an avatar. Does anyone know where I can find a free software that converts avi or mpeg files to gif files. I've been looking for hours and I did find one but the gif comes out being slow as hell. So something to speed up a gif helps too. Thanks in advance.
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    Paypal problem

    You guys I got an email saying I paid 250 bucks for an ipod I DID NOT ORDER, I don't know what to do since I've only used paypal once, I did check my account history and it doesn't show that transaction, I don't know what to do, please help. :-/
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    Video Tutorial for Building DDL's Driver

    This video was posted by Phazonx at metacafe and I don't think he has posted a link to it here at LPF: (CREDITS GO TO DAEDAL FOR DESIGNING THIS LASER DIODE DRIVER, AND TO PHAZONX (LPF USERNAME) METACAFE USERNAME PHAZONXL FOR MAKING THE VIDEO) :)...
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    Video Tutorial On How To Make Your Own Dorcy Laser

    Well, to start off all this tutorial thing, I'm posting the link to the video which was posted by Kenom but it's all the way at the back of his thread. (I think) http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1120132/diy_dorcy_burning_red_laser/ This is Kenom's thread with all the details...
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    You know, since all the time I've been here I never really paid attention to the little buttons on the top of the page. So today I decided to click on one, which happened to be the members button, and I noticed there was a total of 620 pages showing all the people that were registered. Anyway, I...
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    Re: i though wrong

    Re: i though wrong Ok, could you please tell us again what you did? All I understood was that you got a DVD burner from newegg, you got the two diodes out but they died, then you built a driver, and then you used a diode for a dummy load, then you said it worked. The last part is a bit confusing.
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    Craftsman Multimeter Issue

    Ok, I need help, this is my first multimeter and I thought I had covered all the basics on how to use one. But I just tryed to measure the amperage of a NIMH 7.2v 900mA battery and for some reason, the meter won't measure it. It looks like the measurement gets it out of range. Like if you place...
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    Re: stopped a train with my laser

    Re: stopped a train with my laser Why the hell would you shine the laser at a train? We already have enough problems with fools shining them at airplanes, helicopters, and recently soccer players. :o
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    TheMonk Short Open Can & IR diodes

    Ok, first I have to say, SHIPPING IS FAST. These were shipped out in the 19th and arrived today, the 22nd. Here's a couple of pics I took just after the package arrived. Also, he really knows how to protect things during shipping. First, the envelope. (crossed addresses, I don't want some...
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    Re: I'm a noob who needs help

    Re: I'm a noob who needs help Look, try to look for stuff around the forum before posting, there's a ton of info on how to build a high powered laser. Anyway, if I was you I'd start reading the thread on how to make a circuit for your laser: (don't make a single post in here, any question you...
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    Laser Time Machine

    I found this on youtube while doing some chemistry homework and thought it might be something interesting:
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    Back of Aixiz Lens

    Hey guys, I've read some posts around the forum saying to englare the hole on the back of the aixiz lens, but why exactly is this necesary? Will the plastic melt if you leave the laser on for some time? Will the beam become too wide once you englare the hole? Sorry if this has already been...