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    Vulcan Geek Week Video

    Super Intense Laser - Backstage Science - YouTube Enjoy
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    Standstone module, DX30

    I'm thinking of using a true DX30 for a host for one of sandstones 100mw green modules, according to the dimensions it looks like it will fit w/o to much if any modification to the host. Anyone know if it will work? BTW, her units come with the driver attached correct? I was just gonna use a...
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    RCR123 in a dorcy jr (senkat diode) Help!

    Using senkats diodes is there anyway i could use a rechargeable cr123 in a dorcy junior host? they are 3.6-4.2v when fully charged, is there any resistor or anything i could use to bring the voltage down to a safe level for the diode after it is boosted by the dorcy's driver? EDIT: I read...