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  1. AMN

    My 'Laser vs Balloons' video!

    Hi everyone! I recently started off on Youtube and decided it was time to record popping loads of balloons with a high powered laser, as it seems that's what people like to watch. :p Anyway, here's the video: The laser in this video is the 1W 445nm Blue Laser from SKYLaser. Link to the...
  2. AMN

    SKYLasers 1000mW Blue/BudgetGadgets 100mW Violet Video Reviews!

    I've made two more video reviews recently!
  3. AMN

    My 'Rainbow' Beamshots

    Hi everybody! :) Okay, it's not exactly proper 'rainbow' pictures. I don't have 473nm or 589nm unfortunately. But still, I've got a bunch of different lasers and colours that I've taken pictures of, and they're not too bad, so I decided to share them! :) You can see reviews on some of these...
  4. AMN

    SKYLaser 1000mW/1W 450nm Blue Handheld Laser (MANY PICTURES)

    SKYLaser 1000mW/1W Blue 450nm Handheld Laser Use the following code at checkout to receive a 10% discount - 716513518239 SKYLaser This laser was in my second package from SKYLaser (laserbtb.com), so I had already dealt with SKYLaser before. The first time round I got a very nice...
  5. AMN

    ! Please Lock Thread !

  6. AMN

    BudgetGadgets Focusable 100mW Violet Laser!

    BudgetGadgets 100mW Violet 405nm Mini Adjustable Focus Laser! (This laser is available in 50mW, 100mW, 150mW, and 200mW) Use the code 'laserfan' for a 5% discount for all orders from BudgetGadgets! BudgetGadgets I've had many previous experiences with BudgetGadgets, so I already knew...
  7. AMN

    Green Laser Video Review!

    Here is my first laser video, it is a video review of a 300mW Rated Green Laser from SKYLasers. I'd really appreciate feedback on how I could improve future videos, and what kind of videos would be entertaining besides reviews - that I will surely post in the future. :) If you want, click the...
  8. AMN

    SKYLaser (laserbtb.com)

    Okay, I just recently decided to go with SKYLaser for a 300mW 532nm Green. First off, I want to say that the old US Agency SKYLaser is no longer, now they are skylaser.cn - the website where you can get the laser specifications, and laserbtb.com - where you can actually purchase the lasers from...
  9. AMN

    SKYLaser Green 300mW OVERSPEC Handheld Laser (MANY PICTURES)

    SKYLASER 300mW GREEN 532nm HANDHELD LASER Use the following code at checkout to receive a 10% discount - 716513518239 Before I start, I'd like to apologise in advance for the poor quality on some of the pictures. The laser body/beam looks better in real life. SKYLaser Okay, I want to...
  10. AMN

    Please delete this thread.

    ------- Sorry. Accidentally posted two threads.
  11. AMN

    Looking for a good 532nm laser - $250 Max.

    Hey everyone! :D As the title suggests, I'm looking for a Green (532nm) laser. Now, I want to keep this laser as my main high powered laser, so it can't be a low quality one. I have a maximum of $250 to spend. Main requirements: - Adjustable Focus. - 200mw + of Green light. - Running in...
  12. AMN

    >200mw 650nm laser.

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a >200mw focusable 650nm laser to use as my only red laser for quite a while. Preferably < $150. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. :D
  13. AMN

    High Power Red Keychain Laser?

    Hey everyone! I've heard of "200mw" Keychain Green Lasers, which in reality output around 100mw - 140mw from what I've heard. And I know lazeerer used a FocalPrice 200mw green keychain host to build a 300mw red keychain laser. I was wondering if there is anywhere I could purchase a >100mw red...
  14. AMN

    Which lens for Survival Laser?

    I bought a Survival Laser bundle from Garoq, and there is a side-splash that quite a few 445nm lenses do have I believe. I'm looking for a lens that will output a more uniformed dot with little to no splash. I don't want a lens that will increase the power a lot but won't help in my issue, nor...
  15. AMN

    O-like 250mw?

    So, I was looking on O-like for a red laser and came across this: Cute High power 250mW red laser torch/focusable [OL-CRL-250] - $54.99 : Welcome to O-Like.com, Your source for laser products I love the host! But I'm not sure if it actually outputs 250mw. Even for a 200mw it's a good price. But...
  16. AMN

    Lens too deep to clean!

    I bought a laser from BudgetGadgets and there is a lid on top of the lens (not removable as far as I know), making it to deep to clean with a lens pen or micro-fibre cloth. Any suggestions?
  17. AMN

    200mw Focusable Green Beam Laser from BudgetGadgets

    Hi everybody! :D I bought a 200mw Focusable Green Laser from BudgetGadgets, stryopyro has reviewed this laser too. 200mw Green Laser styropyro's review of this laser. It's a really bright laser, I believe it is up-to/over spec. It also burns very well when focused. One major problem...
  18. AMN

    Aim for the Rainbow! :D

    Rainbow! Hey again everyone! :yh: Well, I've always wanted a laser of each main wavelength. =) 405nm - Looking for one. Preferably 200mw for < $100. 445nm - Ordered Survival Laser kit from Garoq. 473nm - Looking for one. Preferably >1mw for < $200. 532nm - Sending back 200mw Green to...
  19. AMN

    Blue 445nm.

    Hi everybody! :) Well, I've been looking for a good 445nm laser for a really long time now. I've also been scammed on this forum trying to buy one. Anyway .. I'm looking for a 445nm Blue laser preferably around $150. :thanks:
  20. AMN

    Broken Tail-cap.

    Basically, I broke the tail cap for my 405nm DX 200mw Focusable laser. I know it's the tail cap because if I unscrew it and put the side of the metal on the metal at the back of the batteries it works, otherwise, when it's screwed on, the laser doesn't function. I believe this is because of...