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    18650 batteries will not charge ????

    So I bought a 445 laser kit and got all hyped over starting it up for the first time only to be disappointed in my batteries. I got a pair of 18650 batteries and charger from DX. Charger green lamp comes on when plugged in and batteries installed. Voltage across them while in charger never...
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    LPM source ??

    Where are you guys getting your LPM I see on the forum?
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    1 ohm resistors....

    I keep seeing people recommend a 1 ohm resistor to measure current. Good idea to get you in the ball park but the tolerances of most resistors is 5 percent. If it's off enough you can fry your diode. I recommend you set your DMM on the lowest resistance setting, shorting the leads, note the...
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    First Blu Ray tonight :-)

    ;) Built my first Blu ray tonight used a DX red laser housing. Had to sand off a little off the part that holds the diode. With the lense screwed all the way in it was still not focused well enough to burn. diode to lense distance was too far apart. Works great at 85mA. Took it out into the...
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    DX red laser pointer adjustable housing ??

    Anyone ever use the dealextreme red pointer housing for a Bluray ? Red Laser Module - Focusable Dot $4.30 each It's item # 5914. Forum rules prevent me from posting a link till I get more posts.
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    Capacitor tester

    I made a neat way to test electrolytic capacitors. I hook a 100 microfarad or any small size polarized capacitor cap to a power buss strip. Plug the power strip into a 100 foot extension cord, extend he cord all the way down my driveway. Plug in the power cord to 120 VAC and watch the...
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    Ebay greenie - NO Adjustment inside :-(

    Got a black colored 5mw greenie off Ebay and there is no internal adjustment to crank up the power. Any suggestions?