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    Hit in the right eye with a 12mW 515nm Laser Pointer

    Yesterday, I received two laser pointers from Laserlands. A friend of mine unintentionally shined the laser to my right eyes mistakenly. I blinked immediately and I had after images for 1 minute. I got hit from a distance less than 1 meter. I measured the power of the two pointers and it shows...
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    Laserlands True 5mW 450nm Laser Pointer

    A true < 5mW 450nm laser from laserlands, costs $ 18, Free Shipping is available but I used DHL :D , It's worth buying. The beam is visible in the dark. Laser power is verified and tested on my university LPM and on my LPM. there was a slight variation of 0.6 mW. The laser is safe for...
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    Cheap ebay Orange Laser

    I received the laser today, I measured the output power, it outputs 3mW, which is eye safe. The pen is heavy and has no warring sticker. The dot is visible during the day and the dot is orange at first, I thought it's 20mW or more but it ends up 3mW which is 100 % eye safe...
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    Any ideas why my green laser power increases

    Hi, I was checking my green laser. It was 4.9 mW in the winter. Now it's varies output 7mW and maximum of 8mW. I added an IR filter and found that it returned back to 4.9mW so, probably there is IR leakage of approximately 3 to 4mW. I'm not sure if that makes the pointer danger or not. 4mW of...
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    Aliexpress safety glasses

    I bought a cheap Chinese safety goggle to use it with moderate power lasers i.e 20mw laser. I tested the glasses on my LPM and I cannot believe what I saw. First claimed Specifications Protection wavelength range: 190nm-540nm Protection features: all-round absorption :crackup: Visible light...
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    Need help which laser to buy

    I'm planing to buy a 635nm laser pointer and I'm not sure which one is better. First AtlasNova 635nm Red Laser Pointer https://atlasnova.com/RedLaserPointer635nm.htm Second Laserglow Libra Series 635 nm Red Laser Pointer Laserglow Technologies
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    Review: Waveshare Laser Receiver Module

    Hi,, This is a review for a laser proximity sensor. It can be used for different applications like: smart robots. The sensor has a weakness it does not detect black objects since black objects does not reflect the laser (it absorbs most of the red laser). The sensor uses 3 wires 2 for powering...
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    Laserbtb 405nm <5mW Tested with LPMs

    The Laser comes in a plastic box without batteries for easily custom clearance. Laser model is LP 405nm - 5B Maximum Power is 5mW My LPM reading shows 4.03mW and 4.78mW maximum power ( pretty close to Kevin measurement:D) Specification Wavelength 405nm Beam Color violet Transverse...
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    Orion Sky line Green Laser < 5mW

    It come in a great metal box The laser is class 3R < 5mW. Both the beam and the dot are clear at night I measured the laser on my LPM to make sure it is as advertised. The power was fluctuating between 4.74 and 5mW Specification Laser class: Class 3R Laser type: Diode-pumped solid...
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    Need suggestion about 405nm laser safety

    Hi, The seller told me that this is a low power laser and no need to wear safety glasses. I found that it is approximately 13mW. Is it considered a low power ?. Do I need to wear a safety glasses at these power or just common sense ? Here is seller message The laser you have bought is...
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    laserbtb True < 1mW 450 nm Tested

    Hi, I want share with you the safest true blue laser on earth maximum output is 1mW verified. These laser is much safer than my PowerPoint presenter that measured 2.48mW. The laser is 100 % eye safe. The beam is clear at night. Kevin tested these laser before shipping and I verified that the...
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    Review Aixiz 405 nm < 5mW

    I want share with you the true 5mW 405 nm laser I have received today. The laser seems to be true low power laser. I know it is not good to take a direct hit from any laser; however, I'm willing to use this laser as a proximity sensor. I have a photo detector that detects only 405 nm making it...
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    Needed Custom build < 5mW 405 nm

    I'm interested in buying a true measured 5mW 405 nm laser pointer or a custom build one. If any one is interested please PM me or write your offer :thanks:.
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    Need suggestion about my 445 nm laser

    I received a 445 nm laser pointer from Aliexpress. the seller claimed that it is only 10 mW. It is brighter than my 5mW green laser. It has no warning sticker. I found that it can burn through black cards, and CD cases. I'm afraid because I did not wear goggles while testing it. I did not get...
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    Any ideas about Digital SANWA LP1 Optical Laser Power Meter

    I found this LPM. its cheap and portable. The most important to me is the seller offers Express shipping by FedEx :D. Any ideas about this LPM. I contacted the seller and he told me he will ship it Today as soon as I place an order. I'm not sure if it is good or not. I do not care if its 100 %...
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    How to make ebay lasers less power

    After try and error and some luck. I found a way that can make Some cheap ebay lasers safe. First, check that the laser can run with one battery; not all lasers work with one battery. Second, get over 100 ohm resestor; I used two resistors 100 ohm and 10 ohm. Finally, get any small metal cab...
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    Another Solution for IR Filters

    Today, I received a Multi-Wavelength Laser glasses. it's really high quality. I'm watching Interstellar movie Blu-ray without the optical driver cover :) . The blu ray driver uses laser pulsing to reduce driver noise. I can use my green laser without caring about IR filters. It is my first day...
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    Want to buy a true 405 nm laser pointer

    I'm looking for a high quality less than 5 mw. I want to buy a true 5 mw. I do not want to wear any protective glasses. I know that direct exposure should be avoided even at 5 mw. I want to use it in presentations without caring about reflection from white objects at near distance. The price...
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    Why all 405 nm lasers are over specifications

    Hello everyone, today, I was shocked when I realized that the announced 5 mw AiXIz module is burning my wallet and produce smoking. I sent an email to AiXIz before buying this module. I received an email that the laser is 4.99 mw. I treated the laser as a 5 mw. I did not wear the protective...
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    Need help

    I have received my 5mw AiXIz 405 nm module. I added G2 lens to the module, while I was testing the module and playing with the focus, I felt like an insect beat me in my right eye; however, I did not shine the laser to my eyes and I was only shining it towords the wall. Does G2 lens increase the...