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    Help with power vs. irradiance

    Hi. I have been researching the vast complexities & details that come into play when choosing the “right” laser in alignment with all of the old & new regulations when it comes to buying & selling laser-pointers. Basically, the more I learn, the more confused I become. SO — I am working on...
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    Selling a new toy and need advice.

    I am interested in selling a toy/product which will include a laser-pointer as part of the product. My biggest question at this point is knowing what my power limits are in terms of FDA and/or CPSC.... All of my sources are pointing towards a Class-2 laser, but I've had a few "product testing"...
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    Helping finding supplier

    Sure Clansley.... I added my location.. I'm in Fort Worth, Tx.... I will look for "Maplins". Thank you. T
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    Helping finding supplier

    Hi..! I have had a heck of a time finding a decent manufacturer that supplies decent 1mW (Class II) lasers that can also supply safety/compliance documents with their lasers. I love this style (casing): http://img.gearbest.com/gb/2014/201410/goods-img/1414030287257-P-2096567.jpg I'm also...