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    River Rock

    How do I take this apart? I have tried out basically everything. I've bioled it many times, used a vice and everything you can think of including the vice method. My River Rock is all scratched up everywhere now and I just have no idea where to go!
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    Red Laser Goggles

    I am looking for used of any kind like WL NL ect. I don't have to much cash but some sort of eye protection is needed.
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    Power of 10?

    What do you think about this site: http://thepowerof10.ws/?thepowerof10=4672 It looks kind of like a scam to me but I need some cash so I am going to give it a try. Just click on my link and sign up and I will see if it credits to me. It will help me out a bit and take like no time. You can use...
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    Store Run

    Okay soon I will be going on a hunt to get the rest of my parts for my DIY laser. I have the diode but I still need: An Aixiz A flashlight Daedals circuit and parts for it. Anything else and what do I particularly need for a case. I only have basically a soldering gun some rosin-core so what...
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    DX or Aixiz?

    The smaller of the Aixiz are sold out for 2 weeks atleast on backorder. If I go with DX I have a chance of getting it the same time or maybe earlier. Are the models found on Aixiz comparable to something like this: http://dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.5942...
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    Okay I have my dvd diode

    So I ordered my dvd diode and I am going to order an axizis soon. I am confused with some of the guides as to what else I need I just want a semi powerful cheap red laser that can pop balloons light matches ect. I know I need a circuit but how can I easily put it in the module and all that good...
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    I am new here and sort of new to lasers. I saw my cheapo one around my house that is worth like $1 and I remember seeing something on metacafe. Then I googled and found here. Now I found out that for about $30 I can make a powerful red laser that can maybe burn through things. I am only 13 but...