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  1. tommy

    Sharp 488 VS Tiffany blue

    Since sharp open it's 488nm laser diode source, the price drop a lot. Before I got the 488 laser, I have no idea how close the 488 with the Tiffany blue. After I got it and soon found it's more cyan than Tiffany blue: It is the best chance to collect 488nm laser, which i personal...
  2. tommy

    This is 1st thread i don't want to post -_-

    Hi guys, First of all, I really really really don't want to mention this topic because it may bring more problems to LPS again. But someone really want me to do so let's have a try. Make short of long: Anyone wants to review the pocket LPM? :can: Here is the story: About half a year ago LPS...
  3. tommy

    The best chance to get real 1w green laser.

    Hello guys, LPS is planning to promote some things at the first weekend of every month. March will be the first try. and the first item will be: Thor Ultra Green 1w Power test: Pls note the output will be different by each single laser, but all of them will be over 950mw. Promotion page...
  4. tommy

    Let's talk about White laser (RGB laser module)

    Hey guys, Tommy here from LPS. we have discussed a lot about green, blue, red laser, only few mentioned the RGB laser. I've got one here, with the pictures below: Check more details from here, but it's not the point of this thread. so let's talk some about the RGB laser. the default...
  5. tommy

    FS: Sample-Pocket LPM- 15W max

    Hey Guys, Here i want to present you an interesting device, which is a mini pocket laser power meter. max power range is 15w. Pictures: We provide some samples at the sample price, which is only $79 from original price $99. If you have interest, pls buy directly from...
  6. tommy

    Share: 589nm Yellow Laser Review

    Here is the 589 yellow laser review by xm360, i know many people are pursuing high output lasers, but a 5mw yellow laser is much more beautiful than a 5w 450nm blue laser, the bright blue laser beam may let you scared, but this yellow laser just let you feel warm.
  7. tommy

    For Sale- Sanwu 480nm 80mw Custom-Made Laser Pointer

    Hi Guy, My friend own a Sanwu 480nm 80mw laser pointer, it's a custom-made. Now he wants to release it out, any one have interest and how much could be, here are pictures and videos: Updated: seems the price didn't touch my friend and more important thing is, he wants to keep it. So the deal...
  8. tommy

    Laser Pointer Store Introduction

    Hi guys, I have been here for a while and made some friends. but seems I don't have an official introduction for laser pointer store. So pls allow me to do here. laserpointerstore.com is website that sell laser pointers and related items. Some big advantages are: 1. The laser output is real...
  9. tommy

    Interesting Green Laser power check

    I bought a super good brand AAA battery for my mini series Green laser, and got a very interesting output. see this picture: it seems can stay over 115mw for a long time. it kills almost all my green laser that use 16340, 18650 battery. when i look at the spot, it did be brighter than...
  10. tommy

    Does this laser look good or not

    i have the Thor H 2 laser. it's a big one, using 2 pieces 26650 batteries. the host has led holes to show the rest of battery. 3 lighting modes, strong, weak and sos. can make into 1w 520nm, 450nm 1.5w, 3w, and 5w. Haven't been officially launched yet, put some pictures here firstly:
  11. tommy

    301 Laser Output Test by LPM

    Laser Power Meter is the only way to check laser output. you can't tell any differences from 50mw to 100mw. 301 laser is the most popular laser style in the market, price is different, from $10 - $20. now let's check it out. pls note this video is only for those lasers. it doesn't mean your...
  12. tommy

    Poll: GB for THOR M 2 Laser

    i'm not sure if i can release a group buys here as a seller. if not the right place, pls tell me, thanks. the offer of GB is 15% off for the 1 set of 1w Thor M II laser. Original price is $75, GB price is $64, including shipping fee. require 10 sets or above, any one have interest on it?
  13. tommy

    Hello guys and sorry i'm late here

    Hello folks, i'm so excited to join this community. there are so many laser experts here and i'm just a newbie. In fact i've heard of this forums in 2015, because our product has been reviewed here, it's this post: <http://laserpointerforums.com/f52/ebay-thor-laser-93771.html> yes i'm the...