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    Ophir 20C-A-1-Y Modification

    Hey everyone :D Thought I'd share something I did in my spare time. I had always wanted to set up the Ophir head I have nicely in some kind of case or something like that, but as time went on I figured I was too lazy to build a casing to house the components, display and head itself. I figured...
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    SOLD: Scientech 365 + 38-0101 Calorimeter LPM

    Hey everyone! Up for sale is a Scientech 365 with a 38-0101 Calorimeter (tripod not included) that I thought I would post here before heading over to feebay. I've had it since 2014 but have only used it maybe twice since then (I have a 20C-A-1-Y too) because it is too big for my current space...
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    Ophir vs Scientech?

    Hey everyone! Long time no see (school among other things). I was wondering what different people's opinions are on an Ophir 20C-A-1-Y head vs a Scientech 365 with a 380101 calorimeter? I ask because I am currently in possession of both and was hoping to get rid of one, and if you were in my...
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    Checking interest in $43 445nm 3W diodes with lenses.

    So I recently came into a projector for cheap on eBay and was planning on just reselling it, but wanted to see if maybe you guys wanted the diodes before pulling the trigger and just selling it off. Like my group buy a few months ago, this is for the Nichia NDB7875 diodes with the 'G9' lenses...
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    Solved -Anyone else experience a diode this inefficient?

    I decided to actually start putting some stuff together so that the last thing I would need is a driver. I assumed that around 5-7V would be the reasonable range for a 9mm 445nm (NDB7875) to draw 2.3A. Of course I plan on using a CC driver, but I decided to run a little test on the diode...
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    Any idea the optical density on these goggles?

    I found some brown goggles which supposedly protect against laser light in the red and green wavelengths. The datasheet gives tables on page 20 about the photopic and scotopic luminous efficiency at different wavelengths, among other things. I tried to see a trend in the data to see if it would...
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    $50 Hakko FX-888D

    I don't know how many of you are on the market for a new soldering station, but I have been for a while. I am aware that the Hakko FX-888 series is popular, and have been hoping for a cheap one for a while. Thought I'd let you guys know because there are only ~7 left at this point. Will...
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    SOLD: $65 9mm Nichia NDB7875 diodes

    Hi! I posted about a group buy recently and did not receive enough interest in time to feel safe leaving the projector on the market, so I teamed up with another LPF member to split the cost so the lower than usual price on the projector would not be lost. The diodes have been tested and are...
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    CLOSED: Projector - $55 9mm 445nm diodes (0 remaining)

    This group buy is for 9mm 445nm diodes (Nichia NDB7875 specifically). These diodes will come with G9 lenses attached. Each one will be $55, with the shipping included for those in the US. International shipping will vary, so PM me and I'll let you know how much more it may be. I will also be...
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    My blue 445/447nm laser is extremely dim now

    This laser was really bright (supposedly 1000mw, probably 700mw), and would in the past make little noises when heating up (little squick noises and would get narrow sounding as it stayed on). It in the past would be really dim at times when I would turn it on and a quick tap on the wrist would...
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    For johnawesley: Visual on attempting removal of 1W 445nm DinoDirect/CB-1000 heatsink

    Hope this helps (posting it here just in case anyone else who ever has this issue can find help) Original post http://laserpointerforums.com/f51/help-how-do-you-remove-heatsink-press-fit-into-host-68408.html album: Laser - Imgur
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    HELP! How do you remove a heatsink that is press-fit into a host?

    I have really been wanting to replace my laser diode but there is absolutely no way to remove the driver and diode (which seem to be pressed into the heatsink), i have, so far, been between two options: force the heatsink out with possible vice grips and some piece of metal, or just leave the...
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    laser pointer turned on LEDs while it was pointed at them

    okay so i was bored and decided to point my laser (1000w 447nm) at an LED flashlight, i always wondered what would happen but was afraid that the laser would burn out the LED or something. I tried it and when the laser got closer to the LED i could see the light turning higher until it was fully...
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    changing a burnt diode 1000mw 445nm

    okay guys i have this 1000mw blue laser pointer: and the diode inside burnt out (was drunk and left it on in my pocket, burnt a hole in my jeans and the entire laser host was burning hot by the time i realized what happened) okay so here's my question, as of now idk how to remove the...