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  1. OrionBLF

    How May the Law Clamp Down on Lasers & Hobbyists?

    Lasers are accepted in some countries (perhaps not for long), while tolerated in others. Cos it’s also the source of sore points with the law. Incidents in the media have surfaced, are surfacing or could surface more in future. Some look like hype. Not just about increasingly run-of-the-mill...
  2. OrionBLF

    Laser Pointers at Sporting Events

    Other than this 2 yo old post : HERE I could not find much examples of actual videos showing laser pointers being used at sporting events to affect players and the game except this :
  3. OrionBLF

    List of LPF Rep Descriptions

    Other than info on rep points and ranks, I could not find any history on the various LPF members' rep descriptions (despite searching the stickies and archives) used here. Wonder who crafted them? They are rather unique and distinctive unlike those of other fora. So I listed out what was seen so...
  4. OrionBLF

    Hi y'all!

    I've been a lurker here. Got to know Jufran88 on BLF. Have been reading the forum rules and cautions raised about close calls/incidents. Totally agree with the culture here. A very responsible lot! Cheers! :shhh: