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  1. ragebot

    Kinda interesting

    This article describes research into using a laser aimed at a UAS/drone to activate a photoelectric cell and produce electricity to power the UAS. So far there seems to be a problem dealing with the heat, big shock there who would have thunk it. Still it is an interesting concept and given it...
  2. ragebot

    Need 405 options

    Sanwu and JL both have big boy 405 lasers. The Sanwu is a 1.6w and costs $US240 while the JL is 800mw and is $US299. I have a Striker 7.5w and a PL-E. Both are what I consider high quality products. Just noticed that the Sanwu Striker Saber has a magnetic control option that allow the user...
  3. ragebot

    vid shot with quadcopter

    Shot the beam of my Sanwu Striker 7.5W blue laser with a DJI Mavic Pro 2 quadcopter from an altitude of 400 feet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0f8tjuUNHg&feature=share
  4. ragebot

    Eye Candy

    I have no connection with this company in Germany but was impressed by the show. Enjoy https://vimeo.com/287981606
  5. ragebot

    WTB yellow laser

    Been looking at some LaserGlow stuff after reading a thread about yellow lasers. I understand the prices are high but the power level of their options seemed out of whack with the cost; but it may be that I just don't understand the market. In any case I am wondering if anyone has a better...
  6. ragebot

    Bummed out by Sanwu

    I got my 7w Stricker OK. Problem was the light saber I ordered was not included and there was no explanation. I contacted them and was told it was out of stock. In the meantime I had order the three laser Green Red Violet 304 Laser pointers package on 2 August 2018 along with the light saber...
  7. ragebot

    JL tail cap question kinda OT

    I have a JL PL-E Pro. I am also an amateur lock picker. There seems to be some type of tubular lock on the tail cap of my PL-E; but it is a non standard size which is 7.8mm, or less common 7.5 or 7.0. Most common pin configurations are 7 pin or 8 pin; but the JL lock does not have any visible...
  8. ragebot

    Need Light Saber Help

    I ordered a light saber and light saber adapter (along with a laser) from Sanwu. When the package arrived the light saber was missing and there was nothing in the package explaining. I emailed Sanwu and they replied "We're sorry but the 17.3in/44cm long lightsaber attachment is temporarily...
  9. ragebot

    Random thoughts

    As a new member so far my biggest gripe is when using the search function how many times I wind up with hits that seem to be too old to be helpful. I tried to get up to speed on safety glasses and often times was reading stuff from a thread that was started in 2010 and the last post was from...
  10. ragebot

    Where to use a powerful laser

    Yesterday I went to the shooting range for a regular shooting match. It struck me that that a wide open space where it is safe to shoot high power rifles with a high dirt berm around three sides would be a good place to play with powerful lasers. My shooting club has a security gate with...
  11. ragebot

    Light saber question

    Just ordered a Sanwu 7w with the light saber. Also got the G7 and a beam expander. I know enough to always use something like Survival Laser safety glasses with the Striker. What I don't know is if they are needed when the light saber is on the Striker. Also wondering about using the G7 and...
  12. ragebot

    A little OT

    While my first choice is to buy stuff made in America I often find I am buying a lot of my toys (quadcopters, hexcopters, contrillers, and various electrical components) from China. So late last night I ordered a Sanwu 7w big boy laser with a G7, beam expander, adapter, and light saber. Got up...
  13. ragebot

    Long Hello

    I am a sailor who cruises on my 42 foot catamaran when it is not hurricane season; often times in somewhat remote places without the things wifi, internet, and reliable constant electric power. I do have good solar and a fair size battery bank on the boat but I can really only count on an...