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    GB 16x diode focusing

    ah okay thanks guys. i wasn't sure i did it right!
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    GB 16x diode focusing

    Today I finally had time to build my laser with the GB diodes. I have a question about focusing the beam. I put the GB diode in the Aixiz Laser module and the dorcy host. It lights up fine, but I'm not sure about the focusing. I can get it to focus, but as soon as I move back a bit, the beam...
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    Group Buy # 3 For Sony 16X DVD Burner Didoes

    Google checkout paid for 3! thank you very much
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    Heatsinks for Dorcy Red

    i would be in for 3 depending on the price
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    Red DIY DVD laser burner.

    So the dorcy Jr regulator is good to go for the diodes in the current group buy? I just want to make sure before i try to make it
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    Which torch to buy to Mod?

    SO the dorcy can be used with the Group Buy LD's I Have and dorcy Jr and wasn't sure frem reading the posts if it would be ok. Now I Know! Thanks
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    Group Buy # 3 For Sony 16X DVD Burner Didoes

    Wow! I came over here from CPF, and saw this group buy immediately. I missed out on the group buy on CPF and have been looking to get a few diodes. Is the dorcy Jr. driver suitable for this diode? I have read the tutorial on the DIY laser with the dorcy Jr and also the other group buy...