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  1. ppbss

    3 units laser dpss ttl

    HELLO I put 3 units for sale laser ttl, are new do not have half an hour nor of use, paid bearings, TNT express green - 532nm>500mw ttl blue - 473nm>100mw ttl red - 658nm>800mw ttl RETIRADO DE LA VENTA
  2. ppbss

    ¿to have 500mw or 1w of red 635nm ttl point?

    Hello necessit one red 635nm 500mw or 1w, for projector RGB, advise...?
  3. ppbss

    ¿ so that they serve these 3 prisms ?

    Hello it buys these 3 prisms in ebay, can say so that they serve to me, not so that they are, thanks it connects to the announcement, down puts I do not have idea so that it serves, only is a numeration in the prisms 3 51mm Square Crystal Laser Beam splitter Combiner Cube en venta en...
  4. ppbss

    hello I appear

    Hello that so, I appear, I am ppbss with Luis name, I am of Spain capital Zaragossa, a fort greeting for all, already tapeworm desire to unite to me, and had in the registry some problem the past month and podia not to enter with my 1º nik MICROCANDELAS, thanks all to help to be able to solve...