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  1. Helioplasma

    Sanwu 60mW 488nm Pocket Laser Review

    Hi all, Here is a review of the Sanwu "Pocket" laser, the 60mW 488nm laser pointer. Packaging: The goods came in an anti-static bag, which was contained in 3 layers of bubble wrap enveloppes. The anti static bag contains a microfibre cloth, battery and the laser. Unfortunately the battery was...
  2. Helioplasma

    Super old member passing by and saying hi.

    Hello, It has been a while. I don't even remember the last time I bought a laser here. For one I am also surprised that my account still exists here. Just coming here to say that watching randomly Styropyro's videos sort of rekindled my interest a bit in lasers. I just went back to amazon to...
  3. Helioplasma

    EDIT : Optics question / PICTURES ADDED, because a thread is worthless w/o pics

    Hello everyone, I'd like to repair this laser from LikeItBright. OPTICS QUESTION : SKIP THIS POST (If you want to save time), AND GO TO THE NEXT REPLY. However, it seems that he is majorly inactive by now (his last post was in 2010, although the last time he was here was just about a month...
  4. Helioplasma

    200mW Laser From LIB

    LikeItBright Custom 200mW O-Like Module Service Back in august I placed an order for a custom green in a Romisen host. He placed the order with Susie; a week after upon reception, he started building, which took less than a week, and shipping to France (19,000 kilometres, or 12,000 miles)...
  5. Helioplasma

    My Opinion On Those Whom I Delt With

    Since I'm on school holidays I'm taking my precious spare time to give my trades feedback. It is not complete as I have dealt with Igor ; maybe next holidays ? Who knows ? After all I said I would make a 6x review for Igor but I still haven't done it (#'_'#) because of school. If you see any...
  6. Helioplasma

    LikeItBright 200mW O-like in custom made

    Today I'm going to show you LIB's build in an ultrafire host. You'll be amazed by the aluminium heatsink polishing that stains with dirty hands if you're not careful. The host feels nice in the hand and I chose the stainless steel host (not from DX, because it would have been a multimode...
  7. Helioplasma

    IgorT BR review

    I have not finished the review yet, although I started it since monday. Anyway, heres a vid I just made. The tricks may seem common to you all obviously. But I will try to finish my review by next week because it's long... http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=NkxXy-KHPVE may not work as I've uploaded...
  8. Helioplasma

    - Hello people ! - things to say :D -

    I've been here for quite a long time without being very active... I own a TLinfiniti 95 and a P125 now (which means I'm quite broke for having spent money on a "wickedlaser") I'm now looking for a already built blu-ray laser from BlueFusion (Spyrorocks told me about him on SF). I'm still not...
  9. Helioplasma

    how do I use a 532nm 5mW laser module ?

    Hi Timelord, hi guys, hi gals, I'm new to this forum, so be kind with me !! I was actually in another laser forum but it became sooooo boring... everybody got banned (not me), etc. I've got some 532nm 5mW laser module of atlasnova and I never knew how to use it because I want to power it to...