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  1. paulkruger

    HE Laserscan 7. Does not recognize RIYA DAC

    Good day. For starters I am not using search because so many of the related threads are so OLD any links and info is long gone! I built a nice RGB projecter a few years back but kinda lost interest for awhile until this week. Wiped off the dust, machine works fine. In past I use the HE...
  2. paulkruger

    LaserOS and RIYA DAC? Anyone try them together?

    I am reviving my laser light show since gathering dust in my shop. Plugged it in...still works like a champ with the built in routines. I plan to rewire to eliminate the Chinese show card to send IDLA direct to the scanner controller. Some where across the time I lost the drivers for my band...
  3. paulkruger

    Need Patriotic laser show. ILDA / HE-Laserscan

    I built a nice RGB projector and have been using the HE-Laserscan program because they have a TON of free shows I could download. So far have had little time to learn to create shows myself. I want to put on a free show in our small town for the Fourth of July in the evening after parade...
  4. paulkruger

    Light Show Software-Parallel port?

    Hi have a Chinese laser scanner/driver/showcard set. All mounted and so far as the included firmware demo shows it works fine. However I want to control it with software and everything I can find so far seems to use either USB or Serial however the show card uses parallel port input. ( It...
  5. paulkruger

    Two New Projects.

    I guess both of these qualify as "laser shows" since they are purely for entertainment and server no practice purpose what so ever! :evil: I put the info on my web site because I am just too lazy to re-post in multiple locations. Feel free to help yourself! ( Click the link ) Two projects...
  6. paulkruger

    Any FlexMod P3 out there?

    I have had nothing but bad luck trying to buy a FlexMod p3 driver. Flaky and unreliable sellers. Had to file a credit card dispute once already due to non-delivery and refusal to reply to any email or phone calls. Would like to buy one if anyone has one to spare. Thanks.
  7. paulkruger

    Innolasers a scam?

    A couple of weeks ago I ordered a new driver that seems to be well regarded, from innolasers.com. FlexMOD 3 Problem is I have never received it. I have emailed them three times, submitted a ticket etc. but they have never replied. :scowl: I sent one more email a few minutes ago telling them...
  8. paulkruger

    Analog control for RGB ?

    Good day all. Started playing with a new W800 RGB module. This is the same modules being sold on eBay etc. I got it from the factory but they don't really have much in the way of documentation regarding the use of the analog input terminals. Max volts is 5 I believe. I did a quick and dirty...
  9. paulkruger

    OEM Laser modules and RGB

    Good day all. I am setting up to import laser modules including RGB and complete light shows. Some samples to test and report on are on the way. I plan to sell wholesale but with shipping costs from China trying to sell individual items that I don't stock would not be cost effective. I plan...
  10. paulkruger

    NewEgg 12 driver anyone?

    New Egg is selling a driver for about $18. wondering if anyone has ever tried this product. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA35C1932292&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleMKP&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleMKP-_-pla-_-Eco+Gadgets-_-9SIA35C1932292&ef_id=U0LDoQAAAC4TvTtE:20140407152625:s It uses a 12 VDC...
  11. paulkruger

    Laser buyer survey

    Good day laser lovers! I am working on a project to import laser products from China. There are a lot of affordable products but with many of them on mainland China people are dealing with another country and with different time zones and often expensive shipping with no USA source for...
  12. paulkruger


    Would it be possible to provide a "sticky" topic for moderators to post PDF copies of LD data sheets as members are able to provide them? I spend a lot of time trying to locate these and often am not having good luck. When I do find them I will post them on my site as well. I would like to...
  13. paulkruger

    DRIVER circuit, M140, 445nm

    Good day. I hope this is not redundant but after much time browsing the forums and reading a lot of back and forth chatter on the topic I still have not found an actual built and known working diagram for a driver circuit using LM350. I want to drive M140 diode but do not need driver to be...