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  1. PJP2810

    Playstation Network Thread

    LPF ----- PSN PJP2810 ----- Impulsive_Hunter MW2 occasionally zombies on COD:5 Peter PS lugia, you may find more interest in the thread if in your sig(where you have your PSN name) if you put a link from where your sig says 'PSN name: macrocheesium'. That way when people look at...
  2. PJP2810

    A Guide To Buying Your First Green Laser

    I don't know anything other than that (and that some are fireproof :P) AND I only know those 2 facts because I watch QI (Best TV program ever) Peter
  3. PJP2810

    A Guide To Buying Your First Green Laser

    Well it's called an Axolotl. I saw it on QI first (GO QI) basically its a salamander that doesn't grow up (unless you inject it with iodine). They grow up kinda like tadpoles (through metamorphosis) but this strain of salamander stopped metamorphosing (for an unknown reason). They originated...
  4. PJP2810

    READ BEFORE POSTING! LPF Forum Etiquette

    Ah, I do see your point now Morgan. That'll teach me to read stuff at 2AM :S And with regards to rule #4, I was not arguing I just don't feel that accusing me of trying to turn the tread to my personal sales thread was out of order as I was just trying to give my input and view (as a new...
  5. PJP2810

    ~ Laser accessories you should own ~

    I don't know if anybody already has or not, but if someone could do the list of where to get the stuff in the UK that would be great as waiting for the international shipping takes time, as well as additional cost for it to come overseas. If anyone does or already has made a British(or even an...
  6. PJP2810

    A Guide To Buying Your First Green Laser

    Please LMK when you are able to test them, if they dont work with a normal charger there's not much point in me bothering going round comp repair shops for some :) OK, I'll go round begging when I get confirmation from Phaser2stun that they actually can charge properly :) Also love tha DP, I...
  7. PJP2810

    READ BEFORE POSTING! LPF Forum Etiquette

    I didn't mean to say that it stated it was not allowed to be put up for sale (hense my use of quotation marks, I wasn't sure of the right word) I agree picture would be sent as soon as I knew someone was interested and I accept that it is to try to protect the buyer. Also I agree the picture...
  8. PJP2810

    READ BEFORE POSTING! LPF Forum Etiquette

    I am not trying to turn this into my 'personal sales thread' and I am not disputing rules, I am meerly letting people know that NOT ALL NEW MEMBERS ARE SCAMMERS. as for broken worthless pointer, it may be useful to a new builder who needs parts cheap and I dont appreciate you having ago at me...
  9. PJP2810

    ~ Laser accessories you should own ~

    AWSOME - When I get my burning laser I'm gonna try that. :)
  10. PJP2810

    Member Map

    Added myself. You should get this spoken about around the site so more people are on here and it's more accurate as to how close you are to other members. P
  11. PJP2810

    Who here sells 445nm Diodes from EU?

    LOL good idea, may make them to think twice before fiddling with packages again. :spank: P
  12. PJP2810

    A Guide To Buying Your First Green Laser

    Does anyone know if English computer repair shops would do that, I'm getting my first 18650 powered laser and some free batteries would be great, any ideas whether British repair shops would be that nice? Were they OK to charge with a normal charger? Peter
  13. PJP2810

    A Guide To Buying Your First Green Laser

    There you go a typo :)
  14. PJP2810

    READ BEFORE POSTING! LPF Forum Etiquette

    I don't agree with that, mainly because yes I am a new member, but I own a laser that customs damaged that I personally cannot repair but a laserist that has experience building should easily be able to fix/use it for parts. All that's wrong is that customs forced the outter button inside the...
  15. PJP2810

    My warning label generator... yeah, I was bored.

    Great Label Generator :) +Rep for you
  16. PJP2810

    Wicked Lasers Photonic Disruptor Pro In-Depth Review

    Where can I look to buy one?
  17. PJP2810

    taking laser on plane - different situation this time

    Well I'm a new member and have just come back from a 2 week holiday to Zante (one of the Greek islands) and on the flight to Zante my <1mW 532nm pen-style laser with batteries removed, inside it's case in my suitcase had the button pressed into the host so it cannot be turned on without a pin...
  18. PJP2810

    New Stock of Overspec 5mW Green **3/2011 batch is here!**

    Re: New Stock of Overspec 5mW Green At night I could see my old 1mW 532nm when it was fully dark in my room, dunno if it's over spec or not etc but that's my input.
  19. PJP2810

    The, "I want to build a laser", Thread

    I cant seem to find the PM Morgan, but am going on holiday to Zante (Greek island) and gonna be there for 2 weeks (taking my 2 lasers pens for a good rave =]) so I wont be able to get back on for 2 weeks as of ..... NOW
  20. PJP2810

    The, "I want to build a laser", Thread

    What if I'm too lazy/clumsy to build it myself, does anyone here (and builds good low powered lasers) live in the UK? I'm looking for a blue/violet laser soon. I'm wanting a blue laser but have read bout how delicate they are and I dont want to FK it up.