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  1. Fonduman

    WTB ~300mW red

    now that i've got a few wavelengths I need a good red to complete the broad spectrum collection :D the last waterproof style I ordered from o-like came as a new style lol, then the diode went led in a few hours. then they took down the waterproof style from their site. obviously they had no...
  2. Fonduman

    personality profile

    I thought it'd be interesting to see what results people here get from this test. i know most tests are dismissable, and I wasnt sure if this one was great after seeing the attempt to analyse from action rather than motivation questions. Yet, it classified me in a way that explained quite...
  3. Fonduman

    WTB flexdrive

    Dr Lavas site is out of micro flexdrives, so if anyone is willing to sell one set at 1.5A that would be nice :D Fast shipping would be a bonus if possible, looking to get my 445 going again before I go camping. Preset driver with standard shipping from the site is $30, so I suppose a reasonable...
  4. Fonduman

    WTB 593.5nm

    Theres been a GB set up for these, but it doesnt look to be going anywhere. As such, if anyone is willing to sell off one of their own, it'd be great. I'm not sure of anyone will want to sell since its a rare colour, but if so then the price i'd be willing to pay would be based on the power, and...
  5. Fonduman

    CoD2 vid

    theres been talk of computer games, and I mentioned CoD2. This is a video I made on sony vegas, to give a fair impression of it. The main things to notice is that combat is more flexible and dependant on accuracy/movement than it is on the who-shoots-first-from-behind-a-barrel attitude of cod4...
  6. Fonduman

    Can someone suggest a kit for my needs?

    Well, I think in a few days I will have the SS 18650 kit finished from Jayrob. But I have a spare diode and aixiz module. My cousins birthday is coming up and I figured I could make him a 445. Hes not overly into lasers (yet :D) but it'd be a novel gift regardless. I like the SS 18650 host alot...
  7. Fonduman

    Music preferences

    I did a search and couldn't find a thread about this anywhere. IMO this is always a popular topic in forums. The specific purpose here is to state your favourite genres/artists and why you like them/favourite songs etc. I would also like some discussion of the merits of different genres and...
  8. Fonduman

    O-like: 150mW violet and 200mW 650nm red

    First off, I should apologise that there are a few things I planned for this review that I couldnt put in due to equipment issues, including beamshot, picture of a laserbee with output rating, output graphs, and a more accurate divergence figure. Apart from problems with the computer installing...
  9. Fonduman

    o-like plastic

    the tailcap on my o-like 200mW red broke yesterday. to fix it, i put some solder inside it, so that screwing it on makes the laser turn on. a bit inconvenient but im just glad its working again. however, in doing so i accidentaly melted some of the plastic in it. a small sniff and it burnt the...
  10. Fonduman

    Fixing my 532nm ~500mW O-like

    I got this laser a few months back. Within a few days the particular damage was unknowingly sustained (more explaination further down) This is the laser as on O-likes site: High power 550mW New portable Green laser torch/IR filtered [OLNGL550] - $675.00 : Welcome to O-Like.com, Your source for...
  11. Fonduman

    Solder idea

    I've heard from a few places that holding the soldering iron in contact with your diode pin/s for more than a second or two will almost certainly kill it. Doesnt seem to leave alot of time to make a solder joint. I was wondering if it might be possible to put a bit of heat compound above where...
  12. Fonduman

    note on dodgy companies and output power

    sometimes you dont know what power your laser is from some companies, look at what happened to this guy: YouTube - Man Cut in Half by high powered Laser Accident remember, always use glasses:(
  13. Fonduman

    question about photon densities

    I was just wondering, if 2 lasers of the same power rating but of different wavelengths were being used, wouldnt the laser of shorter wavelength have a lower photon density in the beam? could this contribute to visibility or lack of? I guess it cant be too big an effect seeing as red isnt very...
  14. Fonduman

    build guides

    so, I was considering trying to build my own laser. people are always saying its much cheaper to buy the parts and put them together, and it sounds fun. im having trouble finding a decent guide though. the one here I had bookmarked and was going to go back to it but it was removed. the sams...
  15. Fonduman

    Shipping from 0-like

    Hi, I recieved a ~500mw green pointer from o-like yesterday. However, it came without the batteries or the goggles. I wouldnt mind so much except that you cant get the batteries round here. They gave me the charger lol. I've heard O-like sometimes ships batteries seperate. If this is the case...