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  1. peteschlabar

    Custom guide rod laser

    Bringing this old thread back to life... kickstarter never worked out, because nearly any firearm accessory is against their policy (as well as other crowd funded sites). However, LaserMax finally created a green guide rod system with the new green diodes. LaserMax > goGreen They don't have...
  2. peteschlabar

    Osram 1.6W PLTB450B 450nm Laser Diode

    I havent been on the forum for several months... I come back to green diodes and this beauty :drool: ...wishing I had more funds for the hobby :undecided:
  3. peteschlabar

    5mW 450nm Laser

    Lazeerer built a low powered 450 for me (see my sig). Very cool laser, can be a little less cautious with it ;)
  4. peteschlabar

    Guide Rod Lasers- firearms

    I'm wanting the same thing, except blue, see here: http://laserpointerforums.com/f42/custom-guide-rod-laser-72283.html
  5. peteschlabar

    589nm CNI-PGL-III-A "Peak 130mW"

    WOW I'd love to get a 594, but can't afford it anytime soon. Nice laser man.
  6. peteschlabar

    FS: Vintage Ray-O-Vac XM-L U3 Mod (1000 Lumen)

    Re: FS: Vintage Ray-O-Vac XM-L U2 Mod (1000 Lumen) This is freakin' awesome! I may hit you up later on for a mint condition one in the box for my dad for christmas :san:
  7. peteschlabar

    Osram PL450 450nm 80mW power chart

    Yup, thats the one I was talking about, those pictures are the one you built for me, I absolutely love it, its my daily carry laser at the low 10mW, yet bright enough to enjoy, so I can use it whenever/wherever. Thanks again for the build :D
  8. peteschlabar

    Osram PL450 450nm 80mW power chart

    I have a 10mW in a 10440 host, its awesome! I don't have a LPM, but it seems pretty stable, and forget about the duty cycle, you can have this thing on nearly as long as your battery will last.
  9. peteschlabar

    Custom guide rod laser

    I finally received more information from Avo Photonics, here is what they said: "1. We’ll assume you mean the 1/e2 intensity diameter is within a spot of 1” radius at a distance of 25 yards 2. We’ll assume the ratio of the semi-minor axis (b) to semi-major axis (a) to be b/a >= 0.8 3...
  10. peteschlabar

    Holographic Laser Warning Decals!

    Re: Holographic Laser Warning Decals for Sale! Hey Nick, Got my stickers a few days ago, they're great, once again! One minor issue: I asked for the death star sticker to say "Class 5" rather than "Class V", but no big deal :p Thanks again for the great, cheap, and good quality custom...
  11. peteschlabar

    1MW Blue 445nm for sale :)?

    I don't post this to take away from Blord's offer, but to simply state I have a lower powered Osram build in Jayrob's stainless steel 10440 kit. Mine was built by LPF member Lazeerer, (not lazerer.com). Its around 10-15mW. I love it! Again, I post this just to state a low powered build is...
  12. peteschlabar

    SOLD: LaserBee II Laser Power Meter SOLD

    Re: FS: LaserBee II Laser Power Meter Wish I could afford this, good luck on the sale, I hope to have one someday... :bumpit:
  13. peteschlabar

    Diode Repair & Services / Internal Ground Re-Routing / LPC, LCC, SMOC, PHR 805's

    Re: Diode Repair & Services / Internal Ground Re-Routing / LPC, LCC, SMOC, PHR 805's This is amazing, great work! :drool:
  14. peteschlabar

    Custom guide rod laser

    Quick update on this: Lasermax has not responded to me yet. IPS will not be doing this due to the cost versus profit. They have actually talked with Lasermax in the past. IPS says the cost for to create a packaged diode with optics will be more than a customer would be willing to pay. IPS...
  15. peteschlabar

    Custom guide rod laser

    I thought I replied to this earlier, but apparently I didn't submit or something, anyway... :thanks: for this info. I have contacted IPS about creating a 450nm TO-38 package with built in optics. I am waiting for their next response. I'll post an update if I find out anything else.
  16. peteschlabar

    Custom guide rod laser

    BShanahan14rulz, Thanks for the reminder on the link TJ posted, I think that was just for comparison purposes of the module, but yes, T_Warne is correct. I am wanting blue, or green (although green is even less unlikely due to DPSS and such..) but anyway... Also, I do not have the skills...
  17. peteschlabar

    Custom guide rod laser

    T_Warne, You make several good points. proud2deviate, Understood, its cool, I was just saying I would prefer click on/off. I think I will try to contact LaserMax and see what they have to say. Thanks for your input on this.
  18. peteschlabar

    Custom guide rod laser

    hmmm This would be for personal defense/quick target acquisition/intimidation more so than target practice. I would prefer a click on/click off type switch, rather that momentary. This is getting more complicated by the minute :( I shoot .40, just for clarification on the powder issue. Still...
  19. peteschlabar

    Custom guide rod laser

    proud2deviate, You make some good points. This is something I would love to see done, and would be willing to pay someone to make it for me. However, I think spending $400 on a Lasermax and then modify it may not be the best path to take. As far as keeping in clean, would a small hood sticking...
  20. peteschlabar

    Custom guide rod laser

    But would the module need to be that large if the diode is only set to 5mW or so? I know they are made to fit the aixiz lens and such, could a custom lens work, or would a tiny red lens work that they currently use for the 3.3mm diodes? since we're not trying to have maximum power, just minimal...