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  1. TheMonk

    445nm Diode Macros

    Got this 445nm Diode from Dave. Enjoy.:D
  2. TheMonk

    Drivers Section *Poll Closed*

    I propose we start a Drivers Section. Since drivers is one of the most important elements for us DIYers next to Diodes. Would it be a good idea to have a centralized section for this topic. Let the polling begin.:pop:
  3. TheMonk


    Up for sale are 10 445nm Diodes harvested from CASIO XJ-A130 Projector. I also have 8 Brass Diode Press Tools for sale as well. Pricing: $33 Diode $3 Shipping per order in the US. $13 Shipping per order International. $10 Diode Press Tool shipped anywhere $8 Tool with order of Diode...
  4. TheMonk

    150mW CW Nichia Diode from LSP

    So I put the 150mW blu-ray Diode from LSP to the test.:angel: Lens: 405nm G-1 glass Heatsink: 1-1/4" x 3" alumimun PS: 18V 3A bench Meter: Knimrod DIY Thermopile calibrated Here is the results:evil: mA mW Volt ------------ 40 18 4.2 50 33 4.4 60 46 4.5 70 62 4.7 80 77 4.9 90 94 5.0 100...
  5. TheMonk

    Pioneer 8x BDR-203BKS $135

    http://www.mwave.com/mwave/SKUSearch_v3.asp?scriteria=Cb25922 There is also $10 off coupon for order over $100, so you can get the 8x blu-ray burner for ~$135 shipped in the USA.:wave:
  6. TheMonk

    FS: 8x AAA 1.2V NiMH Batteries $13 Shipped

    Up for sale are 2x 4pack brand new aaa rechargeable batteries by Duracell. These are the highest capacity 1000mAh aaa batteries, they are NOT the pre-charged type. Asking $13 shipped in the US, out side the US add $3 to cover the addional postage.
  7. TheMonk

    Diode Press Tools  >>>SOLD<<<

    Diode Press Tools Up for sales are two Diode Press Tools, unlike others, this tool using the Colimating Module backend opened up. Asking $10 shipped anywhere, if you are interested send paypal payment see (address in my profile) Instructions to use the Diode Press Tool 1. Pre-install...
  8. TheMonk

    Package stucks at US Customs

    Guys I have a package from China by EMS held by the US Customs since the Nov 30th, anyone knows what to do? :-/ Your item was handed over to Customs(UNITED STATES OF AMERICA USSFOA) at 2008-11-30 12:28:00   [ch12288] Timing  Site Status [ch12288] 2008-11-26  21:17:00 CHONGQING  Posting  ...
  9. TheMonk

    Dorcy 15% off **Now 20%**

    http://www.dorcydirect.com/ use code HOLIDAY to get 15% off and shipping is free. :)
  10. TheMonk

    Super Dorcy Jr. Heatsink

    Just make a heatsink for the beloved Dorcy Jr. enjoy. :) I can run the Open Can at 500mA for 4-5 minutes before the Laser becomes a little warm.
  11. TheMonk

    FS: Laser and Flashlight all-in-one $150

    I finally able to make my own heatsink thanks to Dark_Horse and Jayrob for helping to get my lathe turning. [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif] Up for sale is a flexible size and power source Laser and CREE LED flashlight all in one. [smiley=happy.gif] Driver is FlexDrive with Blu-ray 803T LD in Sure...
  12. TheMonk

    High Power LD Driver

    Guy I need help with driver. The LD body is positive and need 900mA. :o I can not isolate the LD body from the host. I don't think any of the drivers we have here are usable, they all positive regulators. :-/ I think I need a negative regulator capable of 900mA? :-/ Any help is appreciated. :P
  13. TheMonk

    FS: "Long OpenCan Diode" $17.75 >>Sold out<<

    Up for sale are brand new harvested RED "L Die Open Can" Diode. Pricing: $17.75     Harvested LOC Diode  $21.75     Diode installed in module $4           Module (with Diode purchase only) Free shipping anywhere. :D Please send paypal payment to (see email address in my profile by click...
  14. TheMonk

    New Recode 170 Users online

    We just break yet another recode now, 170 Users Online.
  15. TheMonk

    FS: "Long Die Open Can" Diodes >>Sold Out<<

    Up for sale are "L Die Open Can" Diodes harvested from good working LG 18-20x DVD Burners. I also include one free WindowLess IR in heatsink per Open Can purchase. Pricing: $24 L Open Can Diode +$6 Installed in module $3 Shipping anywhere per order PM me if you are interested.   If...
  16. TheMonk

    New record 148 members online

    We just break a new record just now, 148 members online. ;D :o
  17. TheMonk

    FS: DT0811 Sleds  >>Sold<<

    Up for sale are two DT0811 Sleds. This Blu-ray diode can easily put out >80mW see here Price is $19 each and shipping is $3 per order world wide. If you are interested please send payment to my paypal address, see profile.
  18. TheMonk

    WTB: Leadlight Chrome Without Power LED

    Anybody knows where I can buy new Leadlight in chrome finish without the power LED. I recently ordered some BTG-6 from z-bolt it has LED on it. The picture on their web site shown it without the LED. :-/
  19. TheMonk

    XBox 360 HD-DVD DT0811 Sled Diode I-P Plot

    Ever wonder how powerful the Diode in the Xbox 360 HD-DVD DT0811 sled is. ::) Here is the I-P plot; the module is placed on top of a CPU heatsink. The meter is the Knimrod DIY Laser Meter. The test terminated at 142mA. :o Hope this is helpful to you. 8-)
  20. TheMonk

    WTB: Leadlight 5mW Chrome

    Any one knows where to buy 5mW Leadlight in chrome, the only place I can find is vitalspirit for $59. :-/