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  1. Apocalypse

    Laser Decals

    Hello, Does anyone know a good place to buy laser warning decal stickers? Doesn't look like stickers from https://laserpointerforums.com/f39/holographic-laser-warning-decals-69478.html are available anymore. Thanks.
  2. Apocalypse


    Does anyone know this company? Creative Technology Lasers - Your source for diode lasers and laser modules at green, red and other wavelengths. I ordered a couple of hosts from them and paid but they have stopped responding for two weeks already. Not sure what's going on. Edit: Received...
  3. Apocalypse

    low current 495nm driver needed

    Hello All, I'm currently in search of a driver for the new 495nm Sharp diode. I've seen some people use the nano driver from DTR set to 275mA. link here However, to my knowledge it is out of stock right now. Also, I would like to run this diode at a current between 150-200mA to reduce heat...
  4. Apocalypse

    Soldering Iron Recommendations

    Hello All, I have some soldering experience but not with SMD components. I heard it is possible to solder them with hand but just time consuming and requires a good soldering iron. Which soldering iron would you recommend? Also, is it needed to solder the central pad to an IC like this? I want...
  5. Apocalypse

    5V Boost Converter

    Hello All, I'm building a 5V Boost converter for single cell lithium batteries based on the TPS61202 data sheet here. I want to use this as a power source for the Aixiz linear driver to drive a red diode. The 5V output will also be used in other projects. The schematic is found below. Can...
  6. Apocalypse

    Voltage Inverter

    Hello All, I want to build a voltage inverter using the LM2687 IC. I think I will use the schematic found on page 2 of the document. Does anyone see any potential problems? I need to invert the voltage from an Arduino to control the contrast of a LCD screen for my upcoming project. Thanks!
  7. Apocalypse

    RGBV Combination

    Hello All, I'm planning on making a RGBV handheld. Below is how I plan to combine the beams. I plan on reflecting the 405nm with a right angle prism or a mirror. Then the 450nm will be combined with the 405nm using a PBS cube with blue AR coating. The blue beams are then combined with the...
  8. Apocalypse

    Benboost Driver

    Hello All, I'm interested in the Benboost driver found here. I'm wondering if anyone still has Benboost driver boards left. Also, which schematic in the Benboost thread is the latest version? Thanks!
  9. Apocalypse

    Li-ion or Lipo battery source

    I need some lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries to power my laser. What are some reputable suppliers? I need batteries that can handle at least 4A constant current.
  10. Apocalypse

    Dichroic Mirror Source

    Hi All, I need 2 dichroic mirrors to combine my RGB lasers, 638nm, 520nm, 450nm respectively. Ideally I want the red to be combined last to reduce the losses. I don't really want to buy from Thorlabs or any other laboratory suppliers. I used to get them from DTR in the projector optics bundle...
  11. Apocalypse

    Laser Alignment

    Hello all, I'm looking for a good systematic way to set my lasers to be focused at infinity. I want to do this because I'll be combining RGB diodes and I would like the beam to be as straight as possible. I want to then either glue the lens in place or keep it from moving somehow. What I'm...
  12. Apocalypse

    Red laser driver PWM

    Hello all, I'm looking to drive my single mode 638nm diode HL63603TG from DTR. I want to drive it at 300mA and be able to PWM it to dim the output from 0-100% duty cycle or somewhere near that at ~10kHz. I'll be using a single cell Li-ion battery which should output 4.2-3.5V. I thought of...
  13. Apocalypse

    LED drivers for Lasers

    Hello all, I'm trying to build a dimmable laser driver using PWM that can power 3 lasers, red, green, and blue in a handheld. My question is can LED drivers such as this be used to power laser diodes? I don't think there would be a problem but please correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. Apocalypse

    RIYA Multibus Lite Driver?

    Hello, I have a riya lite as shown in the link below. http://www.riyalasers.com/images/photo_MB/MB_Lite_cl.gif My computer seems to not recognize it and just says "Laser Control Device" where can I find the driver for this device? I installed "RIYA Settings" software but it doesn't seem to...
  15. Apocalypse

    Flexmod P3 Help

    Hello All, I'm using P3 drivers for my projector set up. However, one of the P3 driver seem to be not working properly. I set up 3 P3 drivers using the manual provided here http://hacylon.case.edu/laser/FlexModP3/FlexModP3_Manual.pdf. I added drivers to my two red and one blue diode lasers but...
  16. Apocalypse

    How is my alignment?

    Hello all, As I've said before in previous threads, I'm building a RGB scanner. I tested the alignment of my lasers out today under fog and here are the results. How is the alignment? I think it is fairly good considering all I used is glue... I will add the galvos and the drivers soon to...
  17. Apocalypse

    How good are RGB laser goggles?

    Hello all, I see Laser Safety Goggles RGB goggles. Are these safe for the high powered lasers we have for say.. 1W? Also, how do these work? Laser goggles block light at a specific wavelength. So for example, red rated goggles block at 630nm-~700nm and allow the rest through so they look blue...
  18. Apocalypse

    Disable Start Up Delay for P3 Driver

    Hello, I just got a P3 driver here but I don't know which pins to short to disable the 7 sec startup delay. On the manual it said to short the left bottom 5 pad series on the top side of the driver. http://hacylon.case.edu/laser/FlexModP3/FlexModP3_Manual.pdf
  19. Apocalypse

    Air Filter

    Hello all, I need an air filter for fans for my laser projector. Does anyone have suggestions on the filter paper that allows for maximum air flow? Thanks!
  20. Apocalypse

    Projector Power Supply?

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a 24V power supply to power DT30 galvos and also my projector set up. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good 24V power supply? Thanks