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  1. cakeba

    Are laser diodes durable enough to be used as light sources in prop lightsaber hilts?

    I'm seriously considering using a laser diode instead of a CREE LED module as the light source in a Saberforge lightsaber hilt. In general, are laser diodes durable enough that I could put one inside of a lightsaber hilt and use the lightsaber for dueling, or would the impactful nature of prop...
  2. cakeba

    My experience with Sanwu

    Bought a Pocket 520nm 150mw and a Challenger II 60mw 488nm with batteries and a charger from Sanwu. Both worked great for two weeks, but the Challenger developed an issue in week 2. The eam was dim with freshly charged batteries. I emailed Sanwu and got in touch with Francis, who suggested some...
  3. cakeba

    hi! first post, I need a good 100-130mw module

    Hi from massachusetts, first post and already asking questions :o after extensive searching on the internet for a (true) 100mw green module, I've come up with nothing. the most common problems are that I don't trust the site, the module is way too cheap to be true, or the site doesn't accept...