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  1. laserboystuart

    WTB: 445nm 6/7W laser

    Haven't used this site since 2010! Really looking to get back into this hobby, miss the child-like excitement! 6-7W would be perfect! Looking to spend 300$ or less, UK based. HMU!
  2. laserboystuart

    Sold! Sold! Sold! Sold! Sold!

    hey everyone, selling my 445nm as i need the money for an iphone, will swap for an iphone 3G, 3GS only if you're in the UK... i will not ship to asia or africa, price is $300 ($305 including matches) shipped worldwide. i will also include 25 boxes of matches with ~40 matches per box (thats...
  3. laserboystuart

    1W 445nm burning videos & beamshots

    Here is my laser that is in a Jayrob 18650 kit that was built by morgan Review of the laser here - 1W 445nm Laser ezDu-dgcVu0 uBbIg3OjNxs thanks for looking :D stuart :)
  4. laserboystuart

    445nm ~1W laser built by morgan + 2 NEW VIDEOS!

    Hey guys (and girls) Today i am reviewing a laser that i had built for me by a reputable member of the forum, his name is morgan. lets start at the beginning, from my past experiences with morgan i decided that he should build my laser. Me, Jayrob & morgan were talking about the arrangements of...
  5. laserboystuart

    Wicked Lasers down?

    hey guys, does anyone know if www.wickedlasers.com is working? ive been trying to get on it to look at the arctic series 1W 445nm laser and i cant get on the website... thanks, stuart :)
  6. laserboystuart

    which potentiometers for laser spiro.

    hey everyone, i am building a laser spirograph soon and was wondering which potentiometers to use to control the fans.... i have 3 12v fans that draw 220mA each. so what potentiometers could i use to control them? thanks, stuart :)
  7. laserboystuart

    new install on opera 10.51!!!

    if you haven't already been notified by your browser they have made a new one, the version is call 10.51. here is the link for the download. Opera Web Browser | Faster & safer | Download the new Internet browsers free stuart :)
  8. laserboystuart

    chuck norris gets owned!

    bruce lee gets owned in the first half but then he kicks chuck norris' ass! JLO1YIWQuXE
  9. laserboystuart

    SELLING : 210mW red jayrob 18650 laser

    i am selling my beloved jayrobs '18650 kit' which has a flexdrive set to 380mA for long life and incredible burning power, with an LOC diode in it measuring up at 210mW. it was recently built my morgan who has done a very good job of it! the laser has about a total use of about 25 minutes on it...
  10. laserboystuart

    FREE!! LM317T chip heatsink!

    i have a spare lm317t chip heatsink is made of aluminium and im giving it away for free to the first person who reponds to this thread anywhere in the world. (you have to pay postage) i have the appropriate screw that screws the chip to the h/s. UK - £1 INTERNATIONAL - £2.50 stuart :)
  11. laserboystuart

    18650 build pics and vid!

    hey guys, this is my new and favourite laser :D. its an 18650 build by jayrob and it was built by morgan. REVIEW HERE: http://laserpointerforums.com/f52/18650-kit-loc-built-morgan-49772.html#post682634 onto the media!! balloon pop s3Gg_XLt-gE match lighting yNEEcMn55EE match...
  12. laserboystuart

    18650 kit LOC built by morgan

    Hey everyone! This is my first review so be nice :D Before i start i would just like to say before i start is that both morgan and jayrob are fantastic :thanks:, the shipping from jayrob in CA took only a week to get here in the UK, and morgan... well he is an excellent quality builder and an...
  13. laserboystuart

    great skills from morgan!!!

    hey everyone i would just like to post a note in here for morgan, to cut a long story short he buillt me a laser (a very good and high quality one at that) LOC red in an 18650 jayrob kit, it measured peak 210 mW and settles at 208-9. he was also very helpful with all my problems and replied to...
  14. laserboystuart

    WTB: pager motors for a 3-motor spiro

    i am looking for a couple of motors to build a spirograph.. thats it really. open to offers stuart :)
  15. laserboystuart

    'GODMODE' for windows 7 users

    this tutorial, well sort of one :D will tell you how to get access to everything and i mean everything in one folder like administrative tools and users account and much more! start by making a new folder on your desktop: then after that rename the folder...
  16. laserboystuart

    problem with flexdrive??

    when it is operation there is a high pitched whine sound coming from the flex, is it repairable or is is broken? thanks all, stuart
  17. laserboystuart

    Can you view your own reputation?

    hey everyone, i got repped by someone the other day i think (as it says "rep power: 1") and i was just wondering how to view it because when i go onto my profile there is no reputation tab :thinking:. any ideas? thanks, stuart
  18. laserboystuart

    nice transaction with morgan!

    i bought a LCC diode in aixiz module with the wires attatched and he shipped the same day with next day postage (came today). unfortunately i blown the diode so soo be ordering another! very pleasant transaction with him, highly reccommended!!!!
  19. laserboystuart

    9v battery?

    hi everyone, does anyone know if i could use a 9v battery for a 20x LOC diode from a SF-AW210 sled with a rckstr microdrive v3 driver set at 360ma? thanks laserboystuart
  20. laserboystuart

    help with my first build please?

    hey everyone ive been lurking around this site now for about six months finding out information and expanding my knowledge i have now signed up, however i have stumbled upon something that i cannot find information on. so this is my problem. the voltage - i have the 650nm 20x LOC diode from the...