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    Don't miss free laser!

    k,i got all your words!:thanks:
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    My first red laser build

    Cheers for your first build!very cool!
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    Good green laser sellers

    Cop?lol,funny! your screen name!
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    Rayfoss :(

    Sorry to hear your story,Mik.But why so many laser cant reach its mw that it claims to! Sigh... I even doubt that the manufactor cant give a definite MW even their lasers are shipped out from the factory!lol
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    UK laser meet photos (Pic heavy!)

    yeah, i like it very much!Cool,Morgan.Wait for more
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    Anyway, their customer service is honest and try to help!
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    Bare tube HeNe! Sweet pics!

    hi,Pontiacg5 waiting for your upgrades...
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    Help need help immediately!!!!!!!

    :huh: I have some story,cant see the pics
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    Anything but iPhone (thoughts on Desire, Galaxy S)

    Re: Anything but iPhone (thoughts on HTC Desire) :friend:
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    Hi to all...from Italy!!!

    Hi, nice to meet you
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    Dinodirect warning

    Have seen the vedio,lol!funny!! More ivedio for your change one??Good?
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    First build:) success! PHR photos soon.

    Bingo!Totally agree! Come on! Wish your laser keep long!
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    I'm seeing colors, help!

    Maybe he can read,nomatter.... sigh...
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    Laser display made in 15 minutes (video)

    Pretty cool,you do it better than me.i tried to do a laser show with my friends long before,but failed,not very beautiful!
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    Wait, WHAT!?

    yeap,bule laser usually is rare,as most laser pointers are red or green.An example of the Scarcity Principle.LOL Btw,bule laser is always my dream,but i am also always blocked by its shocking high price!
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    hey,again! I think I have come. So many laser fans here,woow!Cool! Guys,here i am! To confirm again i am!
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    Hey?Just to test! it works? Do I get the right place for laser?