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    iLasik eye surgery

    I figured this was a general laser topic :p I'm booked in on April to get iLasik laser eye surgery.. Anyone else had it? My general eye sight (even with glasses) is rubbish, can't read menus at KFC, have big trouble reading Street signs more than a couple of meters away, prescription wise...
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    LaserKing 1.5W Analog RGB Laser

    Hey all, heres a video ive made of my Laser King 1.5W Analog RGB 532 / 650 / 450 Please note the sound is out of sync with the video and was recorded with a WebCam 4Q1BEOkOZfU
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    Dragon Lasers - Protective eyewear

    i bought two pairs of LSG02 to protect me with my new 3W 445nm - as i have seen their name floating around on the forum and someone from here reccomended Dragon Lasers as a reputable company to deal with. Laser Safety Glasses, Goggles, Eyewear :: Dragon Lasers I have this exact style and the...
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    WTB : high power multi-mode focusable 445nm (2.5w+)

    Hi all, im in search of a new 445nm.. Requirements 2.5w+ (preferably the higher the better) Focusable multimode (low/med/high/strobe for example) .. need low power to be somewhere between 100-400mW) Be able to fit into a deep pocket i dont want a MASSIVE host .. im thinking Arctic size or...
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    WTB : mini low powered 445 with variable power

    Hi all, i stupidly sold my 500mW multipowerlevel 445nm in a mini host that i bought from yobresal to a friend and now i want a replacement ! Yob has said he can build me one but we arent sure if he will have the parts in time, the issue is that ideally i would like this before the 16th June...
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    Universal battery charger

    Hey all, i purchased an Ultrafire WF-188 , however this charger is too fiddly, and doesnt charge 95% of the time. wether its a faulty charger i dont know, but regardless the design seems very poor. batteries i need to be able to charge are CR2 16340 18650 what can you guys reccomend me ...
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    Wicked Lasers - lying about tracking info

    Hey guys, ordered my arctic on 14th June 2010, have been told it has now shipped (after chasing them constantly) one staff member told me it shipped on 27th September, another told me 26th September .. i guess thats okay. however when i asked them for a tracking number i recieve this reply...
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    WTB 250+mw focusable red laser

    anyone have one for sale ? who is willing to ship to NZ (no legal issues) please post up here / pm me what you have thanks :)
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    broken laser :( what to do!

    Hey guys, i bought this OEM Laser from Dagiun a while ago however the link doesnt work, maybe expired? http://www.laserpointerforums.com/forums/YaBB.pl?num=1210988492 basicially its a 165mw green CNI laser, however yesterday this piece fell off my workbench and destroyed the lens inside im...
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    broken laser, who can help :(

    hey guys , i purchased this laser http://www.laserpointerforums.com/forums/YaBB.pl?num=1210988492 now by accident i left the key in the laser, it rolled over while i was not in the vicinity (it was on my garage bench) and may have run for up to an hour. the lasers power does not seem to be...
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    advise on what to buy

    Hi guys, just wondering which laser you would reccomend buying, i currently have a 50mw green laser, its very bright however it doesnt appear to set match-heads on fire, would this be due to not actually being 50mw ? or is a higher spec laser required for this ? i have up to 100usd to spend...
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    new user with a new laser! just after some info

    :) hey guys, my names Daryl and im from New Zealand i just purchased my second green laser .. i had a "50mw" which was probably high output IR reading. so now i have purchased "SOLID: 50mW Class Green Laser" from Odicforce - this one tested considerably brighter than the Romisen lasers and...