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  1. Chezumss

    Chocolate disco ^.^

    5JjV71fWq_s Jai thanks this is unsafe ;p
  2. Chezumss

    Anyone here from the netherlands? ^^ Check this

    Utrecht University - Week in pictures - 25 March 2011 "Seven laser beams, matching the colours of the stripes on the Utrecht University flag, are projected on the Dom Tower in the city centre from a building in the university 3km away. The laser show, which runs from March 21 to 27, is part of...
  3. Chezumss

    Birthday laser :p

    It was JaiNobeZ's birthday yesterday so I made him this:D (it's a cake btw)
  4. Chezumss

    A guide to enhancing posts, signatures and reviews.

    A simple guide for everyone to enhance your posts, reviews and signatures. Anything on here is free to use for you all, I am happy to make banners or help with signatures. If there are any mistakes please point them out, I'll change them :D If there's anything you think I should add to this...
  5. Chezumss

    Does anyone accept payment not just from paypal?

    Everyone seems to only accept paypal for payment, is there anyone who accepts other methods of payment?
  6. Chezumss

    Can someone explain the rep system?

    There is points on homepage, the green bar and rep power, are they all linked and what does it mean? o_o thanks ^^
  7. Chezumss

    Making siggies and other graphicsy things ;p

    Custom sigs & other stuffs ^.^ hihi, I make custom signatures, like the one i made for Jai: I can make animated text like in Jai's, so post below or PM if you'd like one. Feel free to use theese: ( to make the above link to your review use this : [ url="URL TO LINK YOU WANT"]"IMG CODE"[/url...
  8. Chezumss

    Picture posts max size?

    What's the largest size a picture can be?
  9. Chezumss

    A new user saying hello.

    Hi i'm cherry ;x