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  1. hoo7h

    Review on Laserpointerstore's Pocket LPM

    Full disclosure: I received this LPM free of charge for the purpose of reviewing it. Hi All, Today I am reviewing the 10W Pocket LPM by LaserPointerStore. A little bit of history about this LPM: The first version was released in August of 2017. To put in simple terms, it received a lot of...
  2. hoo7h

    My Laser is a Hipster Who Vapes Cardboard Ejuice and Blows Mad O's!

    So today I noticed that my laser likes to do vaping tricks... I will leave you with the video :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AJbBQ0Nfs4 And yes that was a flame that popped out in the last few seconds. This thing is crazy powerful.
  3. hoo7h

    Anyone Knows Where to Get Authentic AW 18350

    Hi all, Been searching for over a week for these. Fasttech has fake ones that are only 3.5A continuous. The only US seller on ebay doesn't have the button tops. All the vape shops are out of stock. No sure if they are disconnected or the demand is this ridiculous. If someone has them, do you...
  4. hoo7h

    "Unleashing", The 7W Monster By badboybilly

    Hi all, Today I am reviewing an awesome laser made by Bill (aka badboybilly). This laser was made to my specifications, using a NUBM47 and a 4.5 SXD driver. It takes two 18350’s. The shipping was quite expensive from Australia, but it is very much worth it for this beautiful piece of art! I also...
  5. hoo7h

    WTB: Threading and Soldering Help

    Hi All, So there is a couple of things I need done that are out of my area of expertise and I will pay for your time doing so and bothway shipping costs. First is I need this threaded so that fits a Sanwu 3x beam expander. A 18650 battery next to it for size comparison. The hole is smaller...
  6. hoo7h

    My First 465nm Build! Please Critique and Share Your Opinions *4K Pics*

    Hi all! So yesterday I got to finish a build that required a bit of creativity on my part, probably due to my lack of experience, as this is the first build I do completely on my own. While this build is no lifetime17 or badboybilly, I feel it turned out to be neat and compact, which was the...
  7. hoo7h

    SOLD: Jetlasers PL-E Mini 520nm 1W

    SOLD! Hi all :wave: Up for sale is my Jetlasers PL-E Mini 520nm 1W. The laser has less than 1/2 hour of working time. Here's a review I did on it: https://laserpointerforums.com/f52/jetlasers-pl-e-mini-520nm-1w-beam-expander-review-pic-heavy-102396.html The standalone laser price: xxx The...
  8. hoo7h

    Where to Buy G9 Lens

    Hi all, So I like the G9 lens better than the G2 and I was wondering if there is any vendor who would sell lens from defective 7875 diodes. Been searching around but can't find any. Also anyone knows where to get lens holders for cheap? I found an S1 lens from a group buy a few years but I am...
  9. hoo7h

    Image Hosting Solution with Resized Thumbnails

    Hi all, So when posting pics in my few past threads I have people complaining about the resolution of the images and how they were taking up so much space in the page and making the thread unreadable. So the options were either to resize the images and lose on the resolution, or to upload them...
  10. hoo7h

    Found an Old Working Buck Driver, Help Me Identify It!

    Hi all!, I was digging some more in my old laser box, and I found this driver that I bought way back (2012 or so). I remember that it is a buck driver. Not sure who made but its one of the old people on this forum. Names I remember are Mohenburg, Lazereer or Cajunlasers. Or It could be...
  11. hoo7h

    Using the Jetlaser's Beam Expander for high divergence diodes (eg 44)

    Hi all, So after a bit research and asking around, I found that some believe that the Jetlaser's beam expander isn't really suitable for a high divergence diode such as the 44 or the 7475, as the beam might be clipped. In other words, choosing the Sanwu BE for such a laser is probably the wiser...
  12. hoo7h

    Jetlasers PL-E Mini 520nm 1W + Beam Expander Review *PIC HEAVY*

    Hi all, You have probably already seen a review or two on these but I thought a few ore beam pics wouldn't hurt. To start off I would like to thank Gray for the phenomenal customer service and communication. Jetlasers truly changed my view on Chinese laser websites as they have proven...
  13. hoo7h

    Jetlasers PL-E Mini Owners: Do you use flat top or button top 16340's

    Hi all, I wasn't sure which one to get, I was gonna go with button top just to be safe but I prefer less tension on the spring. What do you all use? :Cheers:
  14. hoo7h

    WTS: Sinner's "Secret Weapon" Host, X-Boost Driver

    SOLD Hi all!, So I bought this host a couple of years ago and I didn't use it. Now when I got back into the hobby I found using it to be more complicated than I thought so I will guess I will sell it and buy a drop-in ready host. Here's an album that hopefully covers every part of the host...
  15. hoo7h

    Help With a Driver

    Hi all, I was digging in my lasers box and I found thing Is it possible to adjust the current to make it work with the Sharp 505nm?
  16. hoo7h

    Longevity and Sturdiness Wise, Should the Driver be in the Module?

    Hi all, I had this question on my mind as I am building a couple of lasers. If I am looking for something sturdy and long lasting (Specifically, being used by someone with a history of ripping wires aparts lol), would getting the DTR module that has the driver inside it be the wiser option, or...
  17. hoo7h

    WTB: 1W Green Laser

    Hey all, I am looking for a 1W greenie that preferably takes 1 18650. PM with pics. Thanks!
  18. hoo7h

    WTB: Series battery holder fits Big Boy host

    Hey Anyone have or can make a series battery holder that fits the big boy host.
  19. hoo7h

    My dot is surrounded by other very small dot and light, is that normal ?

    Hi My dot is surrounded by other very small dot and light The raw output looks normal but it has a few black holes in it and has like () around it Edit: 9mm diode, 9mm stick lens Edit: Pics added Raw http://i.imgur.com/8hBG9.jpg Not fully focused http://i.imgur.com/aA5Uo.jpg Best focus I...
  20. hoo7h

    Quality 18650 batteries/Charger ?

    Hi I am looking to buy some good batteries and a charger that will handle +2 batteries. I know that Panasonic's are great, but they a bit expensive. But if they are going to give a better output/safer for the parts, then I don't mind getting them, if not, cheaper is better. I don't know any...