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  1. snoutke

    DL Laser Beam Expander New Generation

    Hello, Did anybody check DL Laser Beam Expander New Generation (link below), and can report? http://www.dragonlasers.com/Laser-Beam-Expander-New.html Is there any review about this product? :thanks:
  2. snoutke

    LaserBee 2.5 USB on Win 8

    Did anyone manage to intsall and use the LaserBee 2.5 USB interface software and USB drivers on windows 8.1 OS (64 bit or 32bit)? Jerry says that the interface software and USB drivers will not be compatible with windows 8.1 OS, and that my LaserBee 2.5W USB will need a new hardware and new...
  3. snoutke


    Hello, I am considering buying this laser from O-like. I searched the forum and did not find any review about it. Anyone has had any experience with this laser? Opinions wil be appreciated. Thanks. :yh:
  4. snoutke

    I'm sick and tired of all these shipping posts

    I'm sick and tired of all these shipping times and processing times posts that fulfill the copmanies forum. :mad: Address to the mods: Why don't you consider declaring such posts as spam and delete them? :thanks:
  5. snoutke

    Diode ageing

    Is there such thing diode ageing? Like, if I use my laser a lot, sometimes not according to its duty cycle, then the diode can weaken and the output power will drop? If there is such a phenomenon, does it vary from one wavelength to another? :thanks:
  6. snoutke

    How do I change the focus of a cheap pointer?

    Hi, I have this cheap green pointer from DX which outputs 100mW. While such output power should be more than enough for burninig a match, this specific laser won't burn at any distance. The reason for this is that the laser is not well focused, and therefore I can't find a certain distance in...
  7. snoutke

    New IR lasers from Lazerer

    Check this out. Also a new 2W NIR laser with a new host.
  8. snoutke

    Weird O-like pricing

    I just noticed something weird with O-like pricing and wanted to share it: While the 400mW green laser torch /focusable/waterproof (the "old version") costs 214$, the Crown upgrade 400mW green laser torch/adjustable/waterproof, which is supposed to be a better laser (after all it's an "upgrade"...
  9. snoutke

    Bad experience (so far) with yourlasers (formerly DX)

    Just wanted to share my experience so far with yourlasers: I ordered this 300mW 532nm Green Laser Pen (2*AAA), for 49.99$. Now, I didn't realy expect to get a 300mW laser, and I was willing to settle for a 200 - 250mW. What I got is a 100mW (peak) and 85mW stable laser (I LPMed it). Very...
  10. snoutke

    5% difference in readings between two LPMs

    Hi, This question is addressed mainly to forum members MarioMaster and LaserBee. But of course other members who feel they have the knowledge and experience are invited to comment as well. I have both LPMs, LaserBee USB and the RadiantAlpha. While doing measurements, I noticed a...
  11. snoutke

    New look to O-like wrbsite

    Check out this new look to O-like website and new lasers and prices. "We Publish New version Shop ,some products price has been adjusted . O-like"
  12. snoutke

    Burning capabilities of a 808 IR laser

    Hi, Just received this 500mW 808nm IR laser. It is an overspec laser which outputs 630mW. I tested its burning capabilities among other things and found out that it can burn a match only at close distance up to 30cm well focused. I thought about returning it, adding some money and getting a...
  13. snoutke

    Looking for 500mw 808nm IR focusable clicky switch

    Hi everybody, I want to buy a 500mw 808nm IR laser. The laser has got to be focusable and with on/off switch (not a temporarily switch). Any recommendations? TIA
  14. snoutke

    What is the highest wavelength that is visible?

    Just received few days ago this IR 808nm 220mW laser torch /adjustable/burning from O-like. To my surprise, the dot is quite visible while focused at a short range. At a range of one meter it is barely visible and further more it's invisible. My quesion is, can anyone here who owns an IR...
  15. snoutke

    Burning capabilities depend on wavelength?

    Hi, I have these two lasers: 1. O-like cute 250mw red, 660nm, which is actually around 210mw (peak 217mw). 2. O-like 200-220mw IR, 808nm, which is actually around 200mw (peak 202mw). So I consider the two lasers similar in power. Nevertheless, there are huge differences in burning...
  16. snoutke

    Lubricating laser focus mechanism

    Hi, Just received this laser from O-like today. The laser has a focusing mechanism. The problem is, that the mechanism isn't smooth, it's rather harsh, and requires applying massive force to move it. My question is, can I lubricate it with oil? Won't it damage the mechanism or the laser's...
  17. snoutke

    3.7v CR123a Li-lon battery Charger flashes between red and green while charging

    Hi there, After my cheap build charger for CR123a 3.7v battery that came with my 'cute' 250mw red laser from O-like died, Susie sent me another charger. The new one is different than the broken one. While the broken one can charge only one battery at a time, the new one can charge one or two...
  18. snoutke

    Review of the LaserBee USB 2.5W LPM

    Hi there. This is a review of the LaserBee USB 2.5W LPM I recently purchased from J. Bauer Electronics. Before ordering: I was considering for a long time to buy a LPM, buy I didn't know which one to buy. I had an internal conflict between the Radiant Alpha and the LaserBee. At the begining I...
  19. snoutke

    Viewing a 808nm IR laser

    I read in some places that a 808nm IR laser is invisible while others say it is barely visible. So, is it visible or invisible? In case that it is invisible, how can I view it? Are there any special goggles which I can view IR through? Do the IR safety goggles enable viewing a little of the...