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  1. o0ICE0o

    Is this a laser, or a camera?

    I was over on another forum, (not laser related), and someone made an interesting post. This guy found what he thought was a high-speed camera, and the discussion turned into a debate on what it actually was. They narrowed it down to either a camera, or a laser. I've never even seen a labby in...
  2. o0ICE0o

    Help - A paypal transaction

    Well, in my recent thread here: http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/ices-megathread-53907.html Potatorage had requested my paypal by pm, and immediately sent payment. I had seen him around my entire time here at LPF and thought he was ok. He just sent me a PM about how he "got an empty box"...
  3. o0ICE0o

    ICE's MegaThread

    Introduction: School is about to start, and I need to clean out! …and I need a new computer… This thread will probably not have many laser-related items, mostly because I don't have many things in this area that anybody would want. The reason that I am posting this here, instead of someplace...
  4. o0ICE0o

    To all of the RC car people....

    You know how DC motors make sparks that ca interfere with RC radio gear? The way to fix this is to put capacitors on the leads. That's as much as I know. I am planning on running 2 550 sized motors @ 24v. They are very very similar to these...
  5. o0ICE0o

    I'm building a Battle-Bot

    Well, awesome school project... a BATTLE BOT. (For if for any reason, you don't know, a "Battle-bot" is more or less a huge R/C car, built for ripping to shreds other R/C cars of similar nature.) So far, I have ripped apart a Power-wheels car for the drive, a broken electric lawn motor for the...
  6. o0ICE0o

    ^^^Look at the top of the stickies^^^

    Look at the thread at the top of the stickies. http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/kenoms-homeless-prevention-sale-49582.html I missed it, and possibly some others did as well. Go help out kenom! I'm sorry about this not being a sale thread, but really; when I come here, I almost never scan...
  7. o0ICE0o

    FS: Old CPU cooling fans + heat-sinks

    I have a few old computer CPU fans. They would be useful to somebody here for cooling a project. 11 x smaller fans 7 x larger fans They are all new. The smaller is 2" across one side of the fan, and 2(5/8)" diagonal. On the top of the fan, it says: The larger is 2(6.5/16)" across one side of...
  8. o0ICE0o

    Electronics help...

    Not exactly laser related, but this seems to be the best place to put this... and you guys are good with electronics; so... Long story short, I am modding a Game Boy Advance SP, by melding it with a PlayStation 2 controller for buttons, and adding speakers. I have run into a problem... I need...
  9. o0ICE0o

    30-40 mA drivers?

    I need a 30-40 mA driver for the 635nm diode modwerx sells. Can I modify a o-like or Rayfos driver to go this low? They both botom out at 50 mA. Are there any that can go lower? Thanks...
  10. o0ICE0o


  11. o0ICE0o

    FS: LOC FlashPen build

    Its a small flashlight, or a huge pen. IDK. LOC diode, with Rckstr drive set at 375 ma. Comes with one glow in the dark dust cap. I'm asking $50(new price), free shipping to the USA. Offer any trades, I could bite.
  12. o0ICE0o


    If rowing up a hill backward using a canoe, how long will it take to get to the top if the doghouse is covered in pancakes? First to PM me the answer gets A PRIZE!!! :beer:
  13. o0ICE0o

    How to break the circuit when V drops below 5.8?

    I need a circuit that stops if the V going through it drops below 5.8. Does anybody know hot to do this? Thanks. :thinking:
  14. o0ICE0o

    How far can PHRs be pushed?

    120mA? 130? About how long will they last? They are so cheap now...I want to know how long I can drive one like this. Thanks. :)
  15. o0ICE0o

    Lightly used 120 Gb iPod clasic, black with nice iSkin

    120 GB black iPod Classic. The newer one. The iPod has probably been used for 10-15 hours play time. Not a lot, for a used one. The back is even scratch-less. The headphones and sync chord are even still in the package, unopened. The iSkin case is a little beat up, minor scratches on the...
  16. o0ICE0o


    How small of a laith can be used to turn aluminum? ...such as?: http://www.sears.com/shc/s/ProductDisplay?partNumber=00922106000P&storeId=10153&sName=Lathes&vName=Tools&cName=Bench+%26+Stationary+Power+Tools&catalogId=12605#specs Thanks. :)
  17. o0ICE0o

    FS: 95 mA PHRPHR-803T

    95 mA using a Rckstr-esqe drive. Custom clicky button made of rubber. Nice warning label. Wood "heatsink"...well, not really. It's mostly to hold the full aixiz module straight in the head. PP3 (9v) Battery. $65, free shipping to USA via flat small rate box. (Please buy so I can build...
  18. o0ICE0o

    Feeler: Epic aluminim pen builds

    Take a look here: http://laserpointerforums.com/f42/my-phr-pen-105-ma-44147.html Anybody interested if: -$115 shipped -Your choice of diode (PHR or LOC red) -W/ flexdrive. -The AixiZ module is in the whole way, with just the focus ring sticking out :) PM me if so.
  19. o0ICE0o

    My PHR "pen" @ 105 mA

    First off, I could not figure out what to call this. It looks like a flashlight; but not. It has the room of a pen, and the size. It feels like you could chuck it at a wall and not hurt it.... *Confused* Is it a pen, or a flashlight? :can: Whatever. PHR @ 105 mA with a v5 FlexDrive. It runs...
  20. o0ICE0o

    FS: 100 mW + 30 mW Blu-Blue-Green module