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  1. david1235102

    Some indoor beamshots I took last night; Picture Heavy-ish

    These are beamshots of the high powered lasers in my signature. All are taken on full auto with Vivid color setting and forced flash off (first pic has flash). The two dim red pics were taken on Sunset scene mode (I thought it would bring out the red more). There was a little Glade air freshener...
  2. david1235102

    Airplane Tracker

    Track airplanes.... self explanatory. I just found this and I think it's pretty sweet. I don't think it has all airplane traffic though. Still, if this gets updates and begins showing more air traffic, I believe it could be VERY useful for all of us. I didn't see any planes show up in the U.S...
  3. david1235102

    Rayfoss Site Down?

    I just tried to go to www.rayfoss.com and it says internal server error. Anyone know what's going on or when the site will be back up?
  4. david1235102

    Found a 16x Blu-ray Burner. Is this true??

    I didn't think 16x blu-ray burners existed yet but this one says it is 16x. Is this true??? SuperMediaStore Spartan MAX B3 3 Target Automated Blu-ray/ DVD/ CD Duplicator/ Autoloader - Retail | SuperMediaStore.com
  5. david1235102

    Where is the best place to buy 22600 and 22650 batteries?

    I have a Guidesman-host 445 and I know it can take 22600 and 22650 li-ion batteries. I couldn't find any on eBay, lighthound, or batteryjunction. I also searched LPF and couldn't find an answer. Where is the best place to buy them and a charger?
  6. david1235102

    "DIY" 1.4W 445 Guidesman Monster (very picture heavy)

    First off, let me just say that without DTR, this laser would not be how amazing it is in the pictures or videos. It consists of an A140 diode, Aixiz 405 glass lens (eBay), flexdrive maxed at 1.5A, and a Guidesman host (gray). I bought the diode and flexdrive from DTR and the guidesman host from...
  7. david1235102

    1.4W Laser not 1.4W?

    I just "built" (if you can even call it that) a 445 laser using a Mohrenberg Guidesman host, an A140 from DTR and a flexdrive set to 1.5A from DTR. DTR connected everything for me: all the diode pins to the flexdrive and pressed the diode into an aixiz module. All I had to do was solder the...
  8. david1235102

    O-like Blu-ray 400mW 405nm Focusable/Waterproof Laser Review (Picture Heavy)

    400mW blu-ray 405nm laser torch /adjustable/waterproof [OL-405T-400] - $102.99 : Welcome to O-Like.com, Your source for laser products When I bought it, it was $95 + $5 shipping. Now before shipping, it is $102.99. The laser arrived on Saturday, January 15th but since I was not home at the time...
  9. david1235102

    Guy Uses Arctic Spyder III to Pop Popcorn

    I found this story on Dvice. Here's the link: Guy uses a $300 laser to pop popcorn, one kernel at a time | DVICE Has anyone else tried this? Also, the safety glasses he is using look like the ones from O-like (the T-Rex ones). IMHO that doesn't seem very safe. I want to try this with my 360mW...
  10. david1235102

    O-like "Cute" 250mW 650nm Red Laser Review (OL-CR-250)

    EDIT 3/17/2011: I just received the replacement. I have waited over 2 months... In that time, O-like forgot I had paid extra for DHL return shipping and an upgrade to the 300mW version. The replacement is still a 250mW model and took 15 days total to get to me. I have been in contact with Susie...
  11. david1235102

    O-Like 200mW 532nm cute or transformable?

    I'm looking at the two green 200mW lasers that o-like is currently selling. the "cute": New cute pocket Green laser 200mW /adjustable [OLCGL200] - $120.99 : Welcome to O-Like.com, Your source for laser products the transformable: 200mW transformable green laser/adjustable [OLV6200] - $122.99...
  12. david1235102

    Need help buying high powered quality laser

    i dont have a lot of money to spend, probably less than $70. and i want to get a laser from rayfoss. there are a couple i'm looking at but don't know which to get. can someone help me with this? right now i'm leaning towards the first link. www.rayfoss.com www.rayfoss.com www.rayfoss.com...