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    160mW Dorcy Metal gear mod

    Here's a simple, cheap and powerful laser I built today.  It puts out a stable 160mW over at least 5 minutes without ANY signs of warming. (be sure to scroll down the picture to see both lasers) (the other laser is a mini dorcy mod I did that puts out about 115mW and is VERY stable over at...
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    DIY resistor calculator

    I just found these - it will help with those pesky resistor calculations :)   (scroll down past the ads) http://www.metku.net/index.html?path=mods/ledcalc/index_eng http://www.ledcalc.com/ http://www.ledcalc.com/#calc
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    match light at 215 Feet

    Here is the Aries 225 burning matches at 215 feet with the help of a Melles Griot beam expander and a 3" magnifying glass. Sorry about the quality of the movie - I was holding the camers, the match and a magnifying glass... :-[
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    diode modules housings on DX

    Red Laser Module - Focused Dot (3.5V~4.5V 9mm 5mW) $3.11 http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.5900 These are probably cheaper than AIXIZ modules. The diode may be crap, but at $3 each it can be removed and saved for later. Use code "BULKRATE" in checkout for multiple units. Quantity 3+...
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    Dorcy heatsink

    Here is a heatsink I am using for the mini dorcy.   The colored heatsinks were purchased on e-bay.   The internal heatsink was made by placing the "glass" end of the dorcy head down onto a piece of aluminum foil and melting about 3/8" of non-rosin core solder into it.   I then placed 10 US...
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    laser diode sockets

    updated - here is where I found mine... (to save you the trouble of reading this whole thread...) http://www.oselectronics.com/ose_p85.htm Transistor Socket For TO-92, TO-18, TO-5, or TO-72 Devices. PC Mounting. 1/4" Diameter X 1/4" High T3400..........$0.75 anyone know where I can get some...
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    IR glasses on e-bay

    http://cgi.ebay.com/UVEX-DVO-Laser-eyewear-LSK-IR-DIODE-504-NEW-O-D-7-NR_W0QQitemZ180136639727QQihZ008QQcategoryZ67019QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem I'm not selling these, but wanted to post them FYI...
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    Low divergence optics

    I'm thinking about making a low divergence add on for my Aries (the same principles can be used for other lasers) http://www.mellesgriot.com/products/optics/fo_4.htm Basically, I would get a "cap"  1.5" in diameter and add an achromatic or plano convex lens to it (flatter side toward the beam...
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    CR123 holder

    This is a 2 CR123 cell holder I made out of PVC pipe, wire, nuts, washers, and solder. It is all 3/4" PVC (and nonconductive except at the terminals) Cost - maybe $5 and it can be extended or shortened for more or fewer cells by changing the center tube.
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    DX-200 heatsink

    I was a little tired of my DX-200mW heating up and a little jealous of these guys with lathes so I decided to make my own heatsink. I used a wire brush and sandpaper to get the rubberized coating off the laser where the heatsink would go. Then I slid some o-rings onto the body followed placing...
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    Aries 225 with AA e2 Lithium batteries

    A recent idea. I have bought some AA to C cell adaptors on e-bay and used e2 Lithiums in my Aries. It does work and gives a slight bump in power with a little better stability than alkalines. The tradeoff is operation time - the AA cells last about 8 minutes.
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    Help with posting...

    Hey guys, I've been posting here a while and have problems with a few things.  It may already be described - I haven't found a good reference yet though... First, can someone white up a decent, brief explanation of how they get multiple pics in one post.   Second, I'm trying to import a new...
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    Glowtorch Red

    my taliswitch is going on my glowtorch - does anyone know where I can get a replacement??
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    c-cell lithium batteries

    has anyone seen c-cell lithium batteries? I haven't. Also, there are AA to C cell adaptors (for sale on CPF). Has anyone tried to use them with AA lithium batteries in a high powered laser?? Any thoughts on this??
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    liquid sky

    I just stumbled across this and thought it was interesting. I've never used this company before but like some of the stuff they're selling. They have some cool items on the site...
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    DX 200mW Green

    I just received my 200mW DX green laser this morning.  The graph below shows output using standard alkies that it arrived with.  After about 70 Seconds, I flipped the (http://www.optics-online.com/irc.asp) IRC21 IR filter into place and the IR was blocked resulting in a significant decrease in...
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    CSI with lasers

    on CBS right now there is a new CSI that has a house divided by green lasers because the couple is divorcing... Pretty cool setup.
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    A new laser out there...

    http://www.phraug.com/laser/ Has anyone looked at these?? It has been shown on CPF but I haven't seen a review. This is a very new company apparently.
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    Optics Bench - DIY for $50 and 2 hours

    Here was my afternoon project - more details later
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    $350 blue pointer on cpf???

    http://candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?t=160343 I don't know anything about this dealer - just an FYI that you may be able to get a "cheap" blue