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  1. Lonewolf

    FS: ***Selectable test load up to 3A (assembled or DIY kit)*** IN STOCK!

    I received the kit today, and the quality of the board is awesome. The way the package was put together, shows that you put a lot of time and... effort into these. Many thanks, Ray
  2. Lonewolf

    FS: ***Selectable test load up to 3A (assembled or DIY kit)*** IN STOCK!

    :paypal: Thanks for offering these!
  3. Lonewolf

    50mw green laser from ledshoppe

    Check the threads on the body (inside and out)....make sure they are clean. Also you might have gotten a bad battery, or charger, or both.
  4. Lonewolf

    How to make your way overspec $5 pen focusable + new bonus section added

    Re: How to make your way overspec $5 pen focusable Great job on this...thanks for the time and effort, you put into doing it. Well done :beer:
  5. Lonewolf

    Best deal on 26 gauge silicone insulated wire and heatshrink

    I got it few days ago......and was going to let ya know that I got it.....then....my CRS must have went into overdrive. Your products are always top shelf :beer:
  6. Lonewolf

    Fasttech 50mW modules?

    But ...this is in your sig........ "PM me if you're interested: I may be building RC planes/quadcopters with built in lasers in the future, and might put them up for sale" What I see here is people advising you not to do this, not because they don't want you to do something cool...or fun...
  7. Lonewolf

    Dust cap for C6

    It doesn't touch the lens, there are little spacers built into the front (inside) and the body is made of rubber, so you have to intentionally remove it.....it's a pretty snug fit. The C6 in the pic has a focus ring from moh, (~3/4" I believe) which made using the tail cap clicky cover...
  8. Lonewolf

    Dust cap for C6

    I've been checking out some of the deals at Illumination Supply, and purchased one of these https://illuminationsupply.com/garage-sale-c-70/gs041-olight-tseries-diffusor-p-567.html#.UZrob6tpmCx. I tried it on one of my C6 builds....it was a perfect fit... Another view...
  9. Lonewolf

    27000 Hours

    Thanks Styro, for sharing this.....My monitor, thanks Dave for the shower :beer:
  10. Lonewolf

    DealExtreme 200mW Red Laser ( Cost Money CR2 3V Photo Lithium Battery )

    Re: DealExtreme 200mW Diode Dead What ??? I do believe his translator has blown a fuse :D
  11. Lonewolf

    Best deal on 26 gauge silicone insulated wire and heatshrink

    PM sent for wire and tubing.
  12. Lonewolf

    FS: GITD Focus Adapters

    These are full of awesome!! gotta have one (more may follow) :beer:
  13. Lonewolf

    Ethical Selling: What is YOUR opinion?

    Well said :beer: ... And even the responsible person, can have a "Bud Lite" moment... with some irresponsible friends. I would ask myself if the benefit (profit), out weighs the risk (liability)....according to the laws in your area.
  14. Lonewolf

    5mW 450nm pen

  15. Lonewolf

    My DIY Spirograph

    Another source for motors are the vibrate motors, out of junk cell phones. You just have to remove the off centered weights.....which sometimes can be a pita. Excellent for small builds :beer: As for your question, the only thing I can think of, would be one of those 12v wall warts....but that...
  16. Lonewolf

    dorcy/osram build

    If I am remembering correctly, one of the retaining parts broke, most likely that white piece your referring to. ( It was a long time ago, right after the dorcy jr group buy...that ended up being the new style. I ended up buying a used one with a bad switch ). I used the hot melt because the...
  17. Lonewolf

    Surplus Shed 46% off everything sale

    This is great sale, thought I'd share it to the good people here. I'm not sure how to do this.... 46 PERCENT OFF EVERYTHING SALE We desperately need space for new stuff. This is our biggest sale ever! EVERYTHING you purchase from now thru...
  18. Lonewolf

    Hi laserfriends, I broke my foot.

    I know from my experience, it turns going to the bathroom.. into an adventure (as you, no doubt.. have discovered by now) be mindful of what you eat...an drink:beer: Take care, Ray
  19. Lonewolf

    Hi laserfriends, I broke my foot.

    Ouch!!! ..... I broke my right ankle ~25 years ago, didn't have to get any metal though. The cast was bad enough. The only advice I could add is.....don't try to do too much, too soon. I'm also with laserbee on the slippery wrapping, maybe some wide rubber-bands around the wrap for traction...