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    Laser projector optics

    Hello, I am researching laser projector with phosphor wheels. They usually come with diode arrays. I know some members here have taken some apart to learn about them, or to harvest the diodes. I need some advice on what type of optics they use to focus the array onto the phosphor wheel. I am...
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    CW Laser diode Drivers - What are the important properties?

    Hello, I am interested to know what are the important properties of a good laser diode driver. Are DC step up/down CC/CV power supplies sufficient? Is ramping up important? How would I incorporate ramping into a standard DC supply? I hear alot about frequency but what does that actually mean...
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    Optic damage threshold? 445nm

    I have been looking around regarding the laser power tolerance of AR coated lens and mirrors. However, I don't know how to do the math to really find out. There are a bunch of numbers thrown around but nothing I can actually use. They do have some info for UV-fused silica, but that base material...