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  1. mhemling33

    ARGmeter Ophir 20C-A-1-Y w/ heatsink

    It has been 5+ years since I have really been active on here so I have decided to finally part ways with my LPM. I am asking $600 $450 $400 $390 $375 $350 for everything pictured below and will not separate. Shipping depends on location. PayPal or Crypto accepted. I might consider a partial...
  2. mhemling33

    Mhemling33's Review Thread (latest: E50 Eachine Pocket Drone)

    Hey guys! In the spirit of not junking the forum up or becoming a spammer, I thought I will just create one thread that I will post my non-laser related reviews. These will be items that I feel the community would truly be interested in (not the latest rainbow sparkle iPhone case lol). Some...
  3. mhemling33

    Galaxy S7 Edge vs LG G5 vs Galaxy Note 6

    So I have reached that 2 year milestone where I can upgrade my phone :drool: The galaxy s7 edge and the lg g5 are out already and are extremely tempting but I think I am holding out for the Note 6. I currently have an S5 and it is the first phone I have ever owned that hasn't slowed down to the...
  4. mhemling33

    All sold!

    All sold!!!!
  5. mhemling33

    XINTD X3 XM-L2-U2 $24.99 coupon code: LL0205401

    XINTD X3 XM-L2-U2-1A 960lm Must use coupon code: LL0205401 It's from a group buy over on BLF but I figure someone here might be interested in it too!
  6. mhemling33

    New version 2.1 Opus BT-C3100 "Dreamcharger" GROUP BUY @ $ 45, shipped via China Post

    New version 2.1 Opus BT-C3100 "Dreamcharger" GROUP BUY @ $ 45, shipped via China Post Since I posted about version 2.0 I figure I'll do the same about version 2.1! I have the 2.0 and absolutely love it I am probably going to purchase the new version as well. If you need a good charger then...
  7. mhemling33

    $23.1 SRK 6 x XM-L2 from USA Direct DX

    I just ordered three of these! I hope they are legit it is supposed to be already in the us and I should get it in a little over a week. SKY RAY 6 x Cree XM-L2 T6 3600lm 3-Mode Cool White Light Flashlight - Black (4 x 18650) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
  8. mhemling33

    VOTE NOW! for lasers in the coolest thing ever tournament

    This is a tournament my local radio station is holding and lasers are currently losing to bon fires! Let's make sure Lasers win this thing. Round 1 is over on the 20th. Go to region 3 Coolest Thing Ever
  9. mhemling33

    Home Depot Flashlight Closeout

    I just wanted to give everyone a heads up of these great deals if you are lucky enough to be near a HD that has them in stock. And they all come with the batteries too! Enjoy! 650 Lumen 3-D Cell Light $8.98 Defiant 650 Lumen Flashlight-809-3771-D at The Home Depot 320 Lumen Spotlight 4-C...
  10. mhemling33

    Torch Light JM107 on sale

    I just ordered both models from Lighthound currently on sale, but while I am waiting for them to arrive does anyone own one or have experience with them? I have two king kong's coming in to power them. Retail Price: $179.99 Your Savings: $149.99 Your Price: $137.99 On sale: $30.00...
  11. mhemling33

    Phlatlight Disco Ball Lighting

    Before I start I gotta throw a shout out to Hak for putting this idea in my head, also bloom for the phlatlights. The parts I used are.... Amico AC to DC 5V 6A Regulated Switching Power Supply Converter for LED Display PT-54 Phlatlight Red PT-54 Phlatlight Blue Heatsink that comes from DTR when...
  12. mhemling33

    I Don't Want MODES!

    I am having a horrible time trying to find an on/off 3A 17mm LED Driver. The closest thing I have found to what I want is from Illumination Supply. https://illuminationsupply.com/led-drivers-c-52_32/8xamc7135-304a-selectable-mode-driver-p-142.html#.Uo7uOZEeVy4 This is what I have been using...
  13. mhemling33

    MS Envy 9mm Tests

    Since the Ravens game got delayed I decided to do some testing! This is just a quick post of data on the MS Envy w/ DTR 9mm 445nm 2.3A X-Drive. I am extremely happy with this host and I think she is a keeper ;) Here is the output with a standard G2 lens over a 2 minute period Here is the...
  14. mhemling33

    Lasermax Announces "Native Green" Lasers...OSRAM PL520?

    I have been playing around with weapon sights lately and have been wanting to throw an Osram Pl520 into a sight.... well I think lasermax has done this. LaserMax Announces ?Native Green? Lasers - RECOIL Next question is if they are using the osram diode I wonder if we can figure out a quick...
  15. mhemling33

    80% AR15 Lower Receivers "DIY AR15"

    With the gun discussion thread being so popular and the large amount of machinists on here I thought that I would show you guys what I have been doing for the past month. I live in Maryland... and many of you have probably heard about the gun laws going into effect on October 1, 2013. So for...
  16. mhemling33

    NFL Chat!

    The season has now begun! guys lets try to keep it nice but I am going to start this out with a Steelers Suck! Lets see how the season unfolds. Make your predictions on games and lets talk about our football theories! GO RAVENS
  17. mhemling33

    CNI PGL-RG-655/532 200mw (Poor man's yellow)!

    I first want to thank DJNY for the GB and everything he has done with being the middle man! I finally got my hands on the PGL-RG-655/532 200mw from CNI. So I am writing up a review on it because this is a pretty cool laser and there is not alot about it on here. For those who don't know abot...
  18. mhemling33

    Rechargeable AA batteries recommendations

    Hey guys I am actually not asking this question in regards to a laser but I feel that it very well could apply to one. I purchased a M18L taser that runs off of 8xAA batteries. I would like to get some quality rechargeable AA batteries that can handle high drain. I actually have my 500mw 405nm...
  19. mhemling33

    Sharkpocalypse Top Fall Down Blooper

    Hey guys! me and the GF were watching Sharkpocalypse tonight, I recorded it on the DVR because I love shark week lol. Well as we were watching there was a scene where a girl acting like she is running out of the water from a shark.... Well we both noticed she was grabbing herself so we decided...