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  1. MERC

    Never lucky

    Yup it looks almost identical to the picture you posted RedCowboy. I don't think the g2 lens is very good for focusing it anymore its about 2'' at 10' I didn't get to use it much at all before hand so idk if that's normal. I don't have the tools to de-can so I'm just going to run it as is and...
  2. MERC

    Never lucky

    Just finished building a nubm44 build and while swapping a g2 for a 3 element once! something must have gotten on the window and burned now there is a large distortion when unfocused and I am probably losing a lot of power. Will this damage the diode further over time?
  3. MERC

    Interchangeable head host?

    Bummer he doesn't sell the full kit anymore, Lifetime where did u get yours?
  4. MERC

    Interchangeable head host?

    Looks like he doesn't sell those anymore. :(
  5. MERC

    Interchangeable head host?

    I haven't been in the loop for quite some time when it comes to lasers. I am wondering if there is a host that can easily interchange heads to different diodes/driver combinations while using the same battery tube/compartment.
  6. MERC

    A140 Arrived. 24 Watt outdoor pics

    Sweet pictures not many floating around with all the diodes lit up.
  7. MERC

    A Plea for EYE Safety!!

    I always respect safety when it comes to lasers but calling Casio to complain is ridiculous. We have a name for people like you in the firearm community its fudd, you would throw the rest of the laser hobbyists under the bus as long as your niche was unharmed. I realize ill be flamed pretty...
  8. MERC

    I'm building a Battle-Bot

    I liked the British version of robot wars more than the American, Totally forgot about the bad ass corner robots.
  9. MERC

    I'm building a Battle-Bot

    The lawnmower blade would be far superior. Hazard won tons in battlebots.
  10. MERC

    any EVE players?

    Well im a beginner so it makes more money than anything else so far I make about 10 mil/hour.
  11. MERC

    any EVE players?

    Ninja salvager FTW.
  12. MERC

    3 cats + 1 Laser

    Interesting Pavlovian behavior.
  13. MERC

    12x BR DIODES

    Hmmm silver eh? Thats the best heat sink you can hope for unless you have a diamond one.
  14. MERC

    Sky Laser 150 - Focusable

    I was one of the people that got the original SKY 200 in the GB it was good at first but now I would estimate less than 50mw . YMMV when dealing with them.
  15. MERC

    Anybody watch "trailer park boys"?

    The movie was good but not as good as the old school TPB.
  16. MERC

    Anybody watch "trailer park boys"?

    Seen all the episodes, specials and movies including the new one. The greatest show ever made!!!!!!
  17. MERC

    Oxidizer for magnesium powder

    I have made Mg flash powder with both and kno3 and Nh4no3, be carefull and make only a few grams at a time.
  18. MERC

    Any Airgunners out there?

    I have a gamo g1200 pump, a modified 2240(hits hard) and a 2289g.
  19. MERC

    Oahu, Hawaii Vacation Pictures

    I went to most of those places when i went 3 years ago realy nice place to vaction.
  20. MERC

    Diamonds are a woman's best friend, here's mine...

    Re: Diamonds are a woman's best friend, here's min Its a fact that more law abiding citizens owning firearms = lower crime because criminals whould think twice about commiting a crime against somone with a gun. Btw im canadian not american.