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  1. Abolfazl

    SOLD: 1.1W CNI PGL-III-C-447nm

    I am selling my CNI PGL-III-C-447. This thing has barely had any use. It has probably been on for a total of 1hour. The laser is in perfect condition and has spent all of its time in the case. The laser was purchased through a GB a few years ago and I have been the only owner. I also had daguin...
  2. Abolfazl

    WTB: 445nm Laser

    Looking to get a 445nm laser. Something fairly powerful enough to easily see the beam at night time. Budget is $100 + S&H. I am located in San Carlos, CA 94070. Post/PM me your offers.
  3. Abolfazl

    WTB: 200mW+ Green Laser

    Looking to buy a 200mW+ Green laser. Don't care too much about it being focusable. Send me your offers.
  4. Abolfazl

    Fix my CNI Laser

    For some time, my CNI-PGL-III-C laser has been not working. The battery has a full a charge but when I push the button, it does not go in all the way but when it does, it does not turn on. I am looking to send my laser to someone reputable to take a look. I would pay for shipping to you and...
  5. Abolfazl

    Selling Custom Posters

    UPDATE 27-8-2014: I am selling posters again :) All posters are 10% off. Shipping is a flat $5 for USPS 2-3 day priority Hello there LPF members! I have a plotter at my disposal that i can print custom posters on and thought I would extend my services to you guys. A plotter is essentially a...
  6. Abolfazl

    Help: Laser won't turn on

    I have a 445nm CNI PGL-III-C laser. For some reason, the laser does not turn on anymore. When you push in the push button, it gets stuck and te only way to have to come out, is to unscrew the battery cap. I bought a new set of batteries and ran a multimeter on the old and new batteries and they...
  7. Abolfazl

    RGB Goggles

    I am looking to buy a pair of RGB goggles but they do not have to be for lasers specifically. I bought this RGB Goggle a long time ago and I forgot who I got it from. I like them because they are mirrored on the inside AND outside lens, so you can still see through them but you can also see the...
  8. Abolfazl

    SOLD: CNI PGL-III-C 532nm

    SOLD TO ARGLASER What am I selling: 265mW (overspec, HI of 300mW) CNI-PGL-III-C Laser. Why am I selling: I bought this laser from scopeguy20 a long time ago. This has been gathering dust and I do not use it anymore. This laser has had about a single hour of total use. What you get: Laser...
  9. Abolfazl

    WTB: Cool laser for ~$50

    I am looking to buy a cool laser for my friend for his birthday. I prefer any variant of green or blue. Please post or PM me your offers.
  10. Abolfazl


    Im looking to buy a cni pgl-iii-c red (~655nm) laser @ 200+mW. Please post here or PM me with offers.
  11. Abolfazl

    WTB: Beam Expander

    I'm looking to buy a relatively cheap beam expander (~$100) that will work on the CNI PGL-III-C
  12. Abolfazl

    Beam Expander

    I am receiving a 1W 445nm CNI PGL-III-C this week and I also have a 200mW 532nm CNI PGL-III-C. I was just wondering if a beam expander would do me much good and if so, what is a good one that will fit on CNI's PGL-III-C?
  13. Abolfazl


    I am awaiting on a GB for a 1W 447nm CNI-PGL-III-C. It takes 2xCR123 3.0V batteries. Where is the best place to buy 2 of these batteries, preferably rechargeable ones. Amazon Prime items are preferred since they would arrive in 2 days :)
  14. Abolfazl

    WTB: Laser Case

    I am looking to buy a laser case that is the same type as these ones. Please post or contact me if you have any or can lead me in the direction of one.
  15. Abolfazl

    WTB; Cheap Gift for Friend

    I am looking to buy a cheap gift (~$30) for my friend. I want to get him something cool (perhaps a green laser)? Please offer what you have or recommend me some sites I can buy from
  16. Abolfazl

    PC Build Help

    I am building my own PC but I was just wondering if I am missing anything. You can see all the parts Here. After GPU/PSU Combo, CPU/Mobo Combo, $20 coupon, buying some parts in that wishlist from Amazon (no tax, free shipping). The total is $1468 I already have 2x 22" Monitors and a decent...
  17. Abolfazl

    WTB: Laser Tripod

    Im looking to buy a tripod that works with a PGL-III-C Host. Something simple and sturdy. Shipping is to 94070
  18. Abolfazl

    1W Blue Laser

    I am interested in buying a 1W Blue Laser. I am currently stuck between the Arctic from Wickedlasers and the Spartan from Dragonlasers. The Arctic seems appealing because of the host and the Spartan just seems sturdy. Which one do you guys recommend? I am also looking to buy some "addons" for...
  19. Abolfazl

    Dancing Pigeons - Ritalin

    Best song/video I have ever seen. eGbucSjSLDw
  20. Abolfazl

    WTB: Fog Machine

    Looking for something simple <$50