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  1. MERC

    Never lucky

    Just finished building a nubm44 build and while swapping a g2 for a 3 element once! something must have gotten on the window and burned now there is a large distortion when unfocused and I am probably losing a lot of power. Will this damage the diode further over time?
  2. MERC

    Interchangeable head host?

    I haven't been in the loop for quite some time when it comes to lasers. I am wondering if there is a host that can easily interchange heads to different diodes/driver combinations while using the same battery tube/compartment.
  3. MERC


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0h-RhyopUmc Discuss. Edit: woops link fixed now
  4. MERC

    fluorescence under 532nm

    I have noticed that many things fluoresce under 532 green laser light, using my >200mw sky laser with the collimating lense removed. Some inks, the pores on your face, earwax :-?, urine(when drinking my aim is not perfect) and many other things. The best way to see this is to have your laser...