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  1. CJRhoades

    WTB: ~50mw 532nm

    Looking for a green laser around 50mw. Budget is $25-30. Focusable would be nice but not required. I was going to get one of these but they are sold out. I will buy from a site if the price is right, but I'd rather buy from someone on the forums. I'm in the US btw.
  2. CJRhoades

    New Rayfoss Laser... Broken?

    I made another thread sort of about this but I think what I've found out is enough to start a new thread in a different section. Anyway, I ordered this laser from Rayfoss about 3 weeks ago. It finally arrived yesterday so I took everything out of the box, put the included 16850 battery in it...
  3. CJRhoades

    Battery recharging?

    The Rayfoss laser I ordered a few weeks ago came today. It has a ZP 2400mAh 16850 Li-Ion battery and an Ultrafire 16340 800mAh Li-Ion battery. The charger it came with can accept either size because the negative end is spring loaded. When I plug the charger into the wall a green light comes on...
  4. CJRhoades

    #100 Red from IQS has disitorted dot?

    So I ordered this from ItemQuickShip a few days ago and it came today. It's nice and bright but it has a strange arc going over the top of the dot. I took a pic with my iPod's camera so you can see what I'm talking about. Now on camera, the dot and arc are WAY overdone. In real life the dot...
  5. CJRhoades

    What to do with this dead laser?

    So a few months ago I ordered this from focalprice. Of course that was back when I didn't know jack about lasers... I'd never even think about getting something like that now. Anyway, when I got it, it worked for a few seconds and then the green dot disappeared and there was just a little bit...
  6. CJRhoades

    Ordered from Rayfoss.. no tracking number? EDIT: Laser Recieved!

    So after getting screwed a few times by focalprice on cheap lasers I decided to try buying from a more legit seller. After reading up a bit about companies I looked around for a cheap but still good 100mw green laser and decided to go with this from Rayfoss. I made the order on the 13th and...
  7. CJRhoades


    Sup guys. Always been pretty interested in lasers but I'm just now acquiring the means to actually buy them. Been lurking for a few days but now I have some questions so I registered. So... yea, thanks guys!