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  1. Cooler7

    Back Guys

    Hows the forums bbeeeennn?
  2. Cooler7

    Long Time no see!

    Haha hey guys Im back again haha, I just wanted to let you know that my laser's lens broke (the one I bought from Beamcheap) and Susie was able to replace the lens. :D This was after of course Beamcheap died because of the trolling haha (I dont want to get into it, its old news) but Im back and...
  3. Cooler7

    I'm F**ked

    Hey guys, you know that beamcheap laser that I bought? Well the focus lens broke somehow... and beamcheap is no longer avaible... Great :wtf: Does anyone think that susie would send me some new lens? Oh btw the lens broke while I was making a video.. (Its the waterproof 200mW Red Laser)
  4. Cooler7

    I'm Back :D

    Hey guys its Sam, sorry I haven't been online for a while. I have been studing for my SATS and ACT's. Laserz have been fun, (I still have my 200mw from Beamcheap) and still are. Though I have noticed that some sites have shut down, including Beamcheap. I wasn't able to access their site for a...
  5. Cooler7

    200mW Waterproof BeamCheap Laser

    The Beam is very bright and visable both day and night. It has great quailty and a nice build to it. Focusing the laser is both good and bad. The good thing is that its easy to focus. The bad thing is that, the focus lens can come off really easy so be carefull. I would recommend this laser to...
  6. Cooler7

    Viper Banned

    So mr.googfan decided to be inmature and spam the forum.. Is there any plan of attack we have to make sure he is gone forever. Either way I have is IP and Mr.Googfan...
  7. Cooler7

    Man Died By Laser

    This is an episode of 1000 Ways to die, on the second death (#2) it talks about a CIA spy that kills a man with a laser. You have to watch it :drool: Dead on Dead | SPIKE Its the Second death, but they're all good xD
  8. Cooler7

    Please Watch//What Not to do with a Laser

    I can't stand people who do this sorta shit. This is why lasers are banned (from importing) in the US. These morans thought it would be cool to shine a laser at a police helicopter.. YouTube - Laser fired at police helicopter NEVERshine a laser at any living thing or aircraft. ... That...
  9. Cooler7

    TV History Channel On lasers

    Today I saw a video on Lasers of the Modern Day. Its pretty cool. Here is the video link. That's Impossible Video Gallery Post your replies and comments please :D
  10. Cooler7

    BeamCheap//O-Like Waterproof Red Laser 200mW

    Well today I was going to order my first laser :), I have $60.00. I just wanted to know whether I should go with the waterproof design Or the New Fashion Red Laser. What do you think? (I know it says that I have a Waterproof laser on my signature)
  11. Cooler7

    C++ Programmers Wanted!!

    I was hoping I would find some C++ programmers on this forum. So I can post questions for software designing or anything close to that. Or make a team if people are interested..
  12. Cooler7


    Im soo :cool: its not even funny :D Nah I love This website when I Susie told me she had happy customers here. xD Heres alittle Bio About me Xbox Live GT : coolerdude27 Age -15 (6/6 B-Day) Hobbies -Well I <3 programming and want to go to a programming college in the near future. So if...
  13. Cooler7

    O-Like Laser Red

    Well I'm about to order my first laser :D. And reading the reviews on this website about Susie and her O-like laser, I know what I'm going to buy. I just had 3 Simple questions 1. What is the fastest it will probably get here, and what is the lastest 2. Have there been any KNOWN confiscations...