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    TUT how to convert scientech 365 from 115v to 230v input

    Hi, recently bought a scientech 365 but i do not live in the US nor i use 115v for mains. In my country i use 230vac so i successfully converted the 115vac to 230vac. This tutorial is a really short and simple one for those who do not know how. Now the ophir is not available the next cheapest...
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    bdr s06xlb/s07xlb

    Hi all, found a pioneer bdr s06xlb/07 sled for a price of around USD$7 wondering if it is worth getting it? How is the power like for s06/07xlb? It is a 3.8mm diode i think. LG 16x BH16NS40 sled at approx USD$16 is it better??
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    Need opinion on an idea

    I recently overheat my 9mm diode while i was too amazed playing with it. Call me dumb/stupid. I totally forgot about the duty cycle :yabbem: Now i thought of an idea, not sure if it will work, can someone good with electronic tell me if it will work good without damage to diode/driver? like...
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    Boost driver for 9mm 445nm?

    Can someone suggest a boost driver for a 9mm diode 445nm? x boost was sold out, leaving flex drive at 1.5a and fmt was kind of too big for my use!
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    Need some help in finding the fault in my build.

    Update I think i figured out the cause of it, I was poking the driver with my tweezer just now to check if anything was loose with a medium pressure and guess what, the capacitor on the input side fall off. A cold solder joint... i am going to junk that piece of crap driver. I need a suggestion...
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    My first diy 445nm laser.

    I have safety googles for 445nm! So i decided to built myself a medium powered laser for a start up just in case i blow it up, i wont lost too much money and i sourced the diode from hakzaw1 , host from sinner, driver and module from ebay. Driver is a circular shape so no other board required...