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  1. Snail Zapper

    FS 3.5Watt 445nm Copper Dominator, 2x26650 blue laser

    Originally made by BLord from this thread here. Prefer Venmo over paypal. Can do local pick up if you leave in the Orange County CA area and are willing to make the trek. Zapped and burned many things laser still works great. Will throw in red safety googles.
  2. Snail Zapper

    Adjustable Lens

    Hi All, For the past year or so I've had a lot of fun with my 3.5Watt 445nm Copper Dominator, 2x26650 blue laser. Made by Blord. I'm wondering if there's a comprehensive list or recommended shop where I can find an adjustable lens ( so I can adjust the circumference of the beam), that would...
  3. Snail Zapper

    Question Regarding Hosts

    Hi Everyone, I'm in the process of learning about lasers - so I can request a specific build for a specific purpose. So far I've learned whyI should put function over form when opting for colour, and why Dual Diode lasers are probably not the best idea for what I would like to do with my...
  4. Snail Zapper

    Question Regarding Dual Diode Lasers

    Hi everyone, Sorry if this is not the correct place to post this, I have a question regarding dual diodes. As I stated in an Earlier Linkl I am looking to buy a laser to point out stars and burn menacing snails. Initially I fell in love with the 405nm colour. But sadly as many have been...
  5. Snail Zapper

    Looking to purchase a 405nm laser - questions about colour

    As the title says I'm looking to make a purchase. In researching various youtube vids and posts it seems that the range for visibility of this colour is between 400nm -435 nm. With the lower being more purple but, less visible. Would this be the case at night? Given that there is less...
  6. Snail Zapper

    Hello Everyone, I'm going to build/buy a laser

    Hi Everyone, First thanks to all the people who compiled threads and information on why not to buy from Wicked Lasers. I was moments from buying from them until I read all your reviews. I'm interested in acquiring a laser to be used for Astronomy purposes as I live on a small mountain and...