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  1. Frozenferrari

    Diode Damage from burned glass? PLE 3.5

    Over the last two days I perhaps ran my 3.5W PLE Pro a little too hard. We were trying to cut some thicker stuff and engrave, and take some cool pictures. I kept a close eye on duty cycle and the laser never got uncomfortably hot to the touch. But I admit there were a few times where it was ran...
  2. Frozenferrari

    Lasers inside infinity mirror cube - New better stuff

    Infinity mirror box created from 12x12 tile panes, currently in use for reflective studies. Two light bouncer artifacts. One test with 680nm >5mw. One test with 445nm 3W. With extreme precaution I was able to get one photo of the chaos inside on the blue. Eagles on, camera ready. Eyes closed...
  3. Frozenferrari

    Any members from Redding?

    Last night at the fireworks show over sundial i saw 3 other lasers coming from 2 other places over the show. Single blue beam and someone with a green and blue pair. I joined in with a green and blue from my location as well. Wondering if those other two locations are members, and curious about...
  4. Frozenferrari

    PLE mini 1W 520nm review 5 stars

    Quick video or text review of the JetLasers PLE-mini 1W 520nm laser, and comparison to a few other lasers. Overall personal rating: 5/5. WOULD recommend this laser to any user. Review: SHIPPING: This laser took about 11 days to show up on my doorstep from the time I placed the order. This time...
  5. Frozenferrari

    465nm 3.5W Pl-E Pro 3.5 stars

    Hello laser folks! Quick video or text review of the JetLasers PLE-Pro 3.5W 465nm laser, and comparison to another 3W laser I own, which I previously doubted the spec of, but now I find it more legit. (link at bottom for that review) Overall personal rating: 3.5/5. WOULD recommend this laser to...
  6. Frozenferrari

    BestLaserPointers.com 3W review 5stars

    Hey all! My name is Ryan and Im a flight instructor, high power rocketeer, and outdoor enthusiast from Sacramento CA. This is my first activity since joining the forum, and I am pretty fresh into this hobby/science. I spent quite a bit of time browsing threads learning about the safety aspects...