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  1. MichiganMan

    First Laser sell -CDRglock

    He paid right away, I shipped it the same day, and no problems occurred. He just got it earlier today, and I hope he likes it. It was a WL S3 Arctic. I would definitely deal with him again. Thank you CDRglock, if you ever get an LPM, please share the actual output of it. :)
  2. MichiganMan

    (SOLD)-WL S3 Arctic 1W

    I have a Wicked Lasers S3 Arctic, I don't know the actual power, as I dont have a LPM. The only issue I know of is the paint on the button is scratched off, I scratched it off because a little bit of paint was missing on the button and thought it would look better clear. I am considering...
  3. MichiganMan

    First LASER

    WAY OVERSPEC 5mW Green Laser $10 on amazon from HDE (no longer sold), Bought it on 2010-04-22, I dont even live in this house anymore in fact this is 3 houses ago. Miss it, but the button eventually wore out, and the dust started to buildup.
  4. MichiganMan

    Official Intro Post

    Hey, I am MichiganMan, I am from Michigan (if you couldn't tell). I own 3 Lasers 2 5mW WL cores, and a WL S3 Arctic (Won for free in a Facebook/9gag contest). I like lasers, motorcycles, cars, guitars, and video games. I am 18 as of this July, And I hope this will be a good experience for me on...
  5. MichiganMan

    How much have you spent on lasers

    I have spent $30 and I own an Wicked lasers S3 arctic (won for free in a contest) and 2 5mW wicked laser cores( got 2nd one for free).