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    1mw Pet laser

    Hey everyone, I was looking to buy a 1mw green laser for my dog. I've seen some, but I'm really afraid that they'll be overspec and I don't want to hurt him. Anyone know where I can get a safe pet laser? Edit: fixed grammar errors sorry was in a hurry when I wrote this
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    Batteries stuck in Thor M2

    Hello, so I recently bought the thor M2 laser off of ebay. I purchased it with the batteries recommended on this thread http://laserpointerforums.com/f41/guide-i-want-my-first-laser-99621.html Direct link to the batteries...
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    Lazerer laser pointers

    Hello, I was recently looking to buy some lasers to mess around with and I decided on these two from Lazerer.com. Devil Cyber 405nm - 100mW Focusable Violet Laser Pointer LZCB - CYBER 650nm 100mW Red Laser Pointer I've seen some mixed stuff about the website, about 50/50. I just wanted to...
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    Two dots?

    The laser I ordered came into today, and in about 20 seconds of use the dots split into two. Any reason why and can I fix it? (Green laser just awkwardly holding glasses in front of the camera so you can see) Here's the LASER
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    What to expect Ebay Laser

    Hi, My mom recently bought me THIS laser for getting As on my report card. I don't really know much about lasers although I have read most of the safety forums and done a decent amount of research. What can I expect it says it's 5 mw in the description but after doing some research it'll...