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    Blue laser power check

    I bought a 5 watt blue laser while travelling in Bangkok. (at the MBK). It is powered by two cr123a batteries. The casing is some king of chrome covered steel and the whole unit is quite heavy (about 12 ounces) and 6 inches long. When I focus the beam at objects 2 feet away they burn rather...
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    Green laser rifle sight.

    Hi all, I want to buy a 200 mw green laser sight for my rifle from : ARMLASER at armlaser dot com I did not post link because I dont know if we can on this forum. The description looks good. Does anybody know about these guys ? Are they legit ? For me the price is ok. If it works as...
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    Power measurement

    If I measure the current draw on the battery with an Amp Meter, and then multiply this by 0.7 volts will I get a good idea of the power of the laser ? Ex: 100ma X .7 Volt = 700 mw ?? I know there is heat loss in the driver module and resistor, but is that a lot ? Please help. PS I am...
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    800 mw red pointer

    Hi all, I am in Bangkok and bought two 800 mw red pointers. Since I am new to this technology I have no Idea if it is really 800 mw or not. This is my plan : I have a 5mw green laser mounted on my rifle for hunting in wooden areas. I thought I could replace the diode and driver in that unit...