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    FS: IR Goggles  $15  (SPECS)

    Update: Cheaper source right now on ebay. I was fortunate to find several pairs of laser safety goggles through a military surplus outfit. I am keeping 2 pair and have a 3rd spoken for, so I'll offer the others to LPF members. These are not the bulky BLPS, SWDG or early generation safety...
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    Driver Circuits and Capacitor Protection

    I've been thinking about the various circuits I see posted utilizing LM317 as a current driver for laser diodes. All looks great until I look at that capacitor sitting in parallel across the laser diode. I see the potential for disaster there should battery / switch connection transients occur...
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    8003-1W as a host?  (DX)

    Has anyone tried modding one of these for a red GB laser? http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.5280 Are there any good DX choices for a 3xAAA (large enough head for an AixiZ module and resistor or driver board?) Do the 1W luxeons have a driver easily modified with a resistor to make...
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    Laser Power Meter question

    Has anyone played with a meter like this one? http://www.intl-lighttech.com/products/detectors/1400systems/spl024f http://www.intl-lighttech.com/products/meters/doc/IL1400manual.pdf Just curious. They're showing up on ebay.
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    20x DVD @ Frys (N.Cal)  $30

    Has anyone opened up a Phillips 20x internal DVD +-RW drive? Frys (Sacramento area anyway) has them for $49.99 and a $20 mail-in rebate. How easy to extract the diode? Open or closed can type? Worth it over the GB Sendiode? Bobdiode? Just asking questions no one probably yet has answers to.
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    FS: Various Goggles  -- All SOLD.

    I know someone who needs some spending money right now. He has these goggles (1 pair each) available at $40 shipped (US) per pair. (He may need more for the UVEX goggles, I'd have to ask him.) If anyone is interested, PM me please. NoIR Laser Co. Laser Shield safety glasses model AL2#36 with...
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    Surplus - Scanner Assembly $15

    Not sure if anyone would like this to play with, but here it is: http://www.surplusshed.com/pages/item/m2521.html Loaded with great precision parts. We think these were made for higher end laser printers, but not certain. Includes a Laser polygon mirror/motor assembly with driver board, laser...
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    LED Driver - BuckPuck 3021

    I'm sure this has been discussed somewhere, but searching all of LPF I am unable to find any reference to using BuckPucks to drive an LED. Are they not used because of their larger form factor (0.83" square) or is there some other attribute that makes them unsuitable for driving a laser LED...