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  1. X FLY

    Dragon Lasers 1W Spartan

    I've made a couple of (quite poor) videos of my spartan. Check out my review if you're interested: DragonLasers Spartan 1W 447nm Blue Laser review!
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    Is there a better bang for buck laser than this o-like 50mw?

    I would get the focusable one coz it's focusable (obviously) but also because it has a longer duty cucly, longer battery life and it's sturdier. Also it's more likely to be upspec. If you are looking for a "serious pointer" that would be better, but for a more "casual pointer" that you just...
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    Is there a better bang for buck laser than this o-like 50mw?

    I'd get this: LZTN - 532nm 100mW Smallest Green Laser Pointer because it's simple and small yet powerful. From my own experience the duty cycle won't really be a problem unless you are trying to cut plastic, tape etc since it's not likely you will have it powered on for even 10 seconds at a time.
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    Wicked Lasers - 5mW Core

    I have the core and it's a good enough laser for the price, but if you want to really be sure that you have a proper laser I'd go with this: https://www.laserglow.com/GAN# Laserglow has top notch customer support so I'm sure if you just ask they could get you one that's exactly 5.0mW (and not...
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    Dragon Lasers 1W Spartan

    The beam (to me atleast) looks perfectly round.
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    Lazerer true 1W 445nm Rifle blue laser w/pics

    Nice pictures. Your camera pics up the colors really well and overall the pictures are very clear :)
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    How long does it actually take Wicked Lasers to ship?

    Considering it's "special" in the way you got it from a contest I'd say less than 1 month.
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    New to this community, thinking about purchasing my first laser

    If you do deside to get that or any other laser from lazerer remember to select the "power certificate" option. Just 5$ extra and you will know for sure how strong your laser is :)
  9. X FLY

    did my green laser die ?

    that or the spring on the driver has loose contacts
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    Cheap safety glasses

    I would get these: Laser Glasses - Red laser beam protection 600-740nm :: Laser Safety :: Dragon Lasers should work for blu-ray and red lasers :)
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    Cheap safety glasses

    afaik IR by itself isn't any more damaging than lets say green meaning 5mW is considered as safe for accidental exposures of 0.25s or less but what makes it more dangerous than visible light is that its invisible so your eyes can't adjust to it properly (your pupils won't shrink) and ofcourse...
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    Cheap safety glasses

    That 25mW is very lickely just IR.
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    Cheap safety glasses

    I have these: Laser Glasses - UV to Green Lasers Protection 190-548nm :: Laser Safety :: Dragon Lasers and they work really well for both green and 445nm :) I've got one video showing the glasses in my Spartan review (link in my signature) if anyones interested.
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    A radioshack greenie vs. Amazon greenie?

    If you want quality for cheap you should also take a look at LaserGlows <5mW pointers :)
  15. X FLY

    $20 Myrtle beach green pen

    That's exactly like the cheapie pens I got from greece, paid 15€/ea :p
  16. X FLY

    Dragon Lasers 1W Spartan

    You never know how they're gonna turn out when buying from chinese wholesale sites. I'd just spent the extra bux and get some batteries you can be 100% sure will work and be safe for the laser. This is what I use: Combo Kit: 6 RCR123A 3.0V 750mAh LiFePO4 Rechargeable Batteries with a Smart...
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    Review: Shenzhen Keyuan 405nm 500mW (668mW pk)

    Sorry if I didn't understand that message properly, but from what I know the Li-ion batteries (Blue Tenergy 3.0V) have an built in regulator that drops them to 3.0V (so it's not the lasers driver that regulates it). The cheap batteries, although crap, give the laser a lot more voltage (3.7V)...
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    Where can I get a cheap blu-ray laser pointer?

    New 5mW 405nm Violet Purple Blue Ray Laser Pointer Pen | eBay
  19. X FLY

    Rayfoss or Dinodirect?

    If I'd have to choose between rayfoss and dino I'd definently choose rayfoss, however there are better cheap sites too like lazerer. Cheap and guaranteed to be up to spec (they test each laser individually before shipping and for just 2$ extra will include the test results with your order).
  20. X FLY

    Choices narrowed, need final inpu

    You should also consider the DragonLasers Spartan 1W if you want a factory made one. Pro's are very good build quality etc. Con's not focusable :( You can read my review if you want :)